Odyssey Chooses Array to Power Their Forms

Odyssey Chooses Array to Power their forms

Founded in 2012, ODYSSEY Teams specializes in innovative outdoor team and management development workshops at sea. ODYSSEY Teams’ professional skippers and organizational consultants accompany teams on a sailing yacht voyage. The unique challenges of the sea help its customers explore every aspect of teamwork, leadership and management.

ODYSSEY Teams identified their challenges and began to evaluate their options

ODYSSEY Teams needed web and app based forms to connect directly into their Customer Relationship Management system - BASE CRM. Not only did ODYSSEY Teams need offline forms for on-location activities but they needed internal forms for ODYSSEY Team members and web based forms for customer bookings and enquiries. Terva Blankenship from ODYSSEY Teams reached out to Array after being referred to us by BASE CRM.

How Array met ODYSSEY Team’s specific needs as a business currently undertaking a CRM and data-capture platform transition

Terva Blankenship from ODYSSEY Teams found that unlike other data capture systems, Array gave one-on-one assistance. Terva found that help was always on hand whenever ODYSSEY Teams had any issues via chat support. Array connected straight to BASE CRM and adapted any solutions that were necessary to meet ODYSSEY Teams needs.

Odyssey usage results:

Odyssey usage results:

“The chat support in Array is truly incredible. I felt the support team was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the solution fit our companies needs. There is extensive customization and integration capabilities makes Array one of the best in the form industry. I heartily recommend Array.” 
Terva Blankenship

"There is extensive customization and integration capabilities makes Array one of the best in the form industry."

Terva Blankenship

Terva was especially impressed with the result due to the amount of thought that Array puts into the drag and drop submission options. ODYSSEY Teams are always taking advantage of Array upgrades and new integrations. The Array support line has given ODYSSEY Teams a smooth informed transition to the Array app and as ODYSSEY switched CRM platforms.