The Rise of the Citizen Coder

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Build It. No Code Required

The world is changing, and despite the messages we’ve all heard so many times, we really don’t all need to learn how to code. That’s what the no-code movement, and the rise of Citizen Coders is all about. But we’ve covered all of that in an earlier post. This time, we’re going to explain just how powerful no-code tools are, and why they’re going to become so important to your business very, very soon.

That is, of course, if they’re not very important right now.


The Way We’re Working Needs Better Software

Think for a moment about how your organization runs. Think about everything every employee needs to do - from the C-Suite decision makers, to the team managers, to the men and women out there in customer-facing roles.

There’s a lot. Workflows to follow, processes to carry out. All very important - crucially important - but not always very efficient, very organized, or very intuitive.

Everyone knows what they need to do, but that involves too many apps, too many spreadsheets, switching from digital to paper to digital again, all the while wasting time, losing valuable data, and growing that frustration.

But the most frustrating thing? We all know what the ideal process looks like. It’s streamlined, it’s integrated, it’s automated and it’s just not in reach without the time, money and resources to invest in back-end code writing and development.

But what if you could achieve that ideal process without an expensive expert developer?


Enter the Citizen Coder

This is where no-code and low-code tools come in. These are tools that can be used and customized by anyone - not just qualified developers. With a little guidance, anyone can become a “Citizen Coder,” and use the frameworks provided by no-code and low-code platforms like Array to create the perfect tools to support the perfect processes.


When is no-code (or low-code) the right choice?

Low-code and no-code tools are perfect for teams who have limited development budgets and a genuine need to improve their legacy systems by customizing and reprogramming the tools they use to streamline processes. They reduce the pressure on service teams, simplify workflows with automation, and allow businesses to run more efficiently.

Citizen Coders can create ideal, automated, digital processes that make their day-to-day tasks far, far easier. They control the changes, allowing them to be agile and adaptable, making adjustments on the fly instead of waiting months for IT to plan and implement changes.

Whether it’s your quality control processes or your training, using no-code tools to create a customized solution is the perfect way to improve efficiency. 

You simply take an existing tool like Array, and customize it to work in a different way. A way that suits you.

And this doesn’t mean you need to lay off your development teams. It means they can focus their energy elsewhere.


No code works for coders too

Software engineers and developers have limited bandwidth. We need to empower those without technical backgrounds to build user-friendly products, allowing software applications to be quickly developed. We need a lower burden on overworked technical teams and scarce budgets. - Diginomica

Giving your teams the ability to make fast changes to increase efficiency doesn’t just make their lives easier. It makes life easier for your technical teams, developers and coders too.

With Citizen Coders free to make their own changes using no-code tools, your IT experts can focus their efforts on the low-code tools and custom development to create mission critical custom applications instead of fighting fires for your non-technically minded team members.


Is Array the right no-code tool for you?

Array is designed from the ground up to increase productivity by letting any team member - no matter how technically proficient - use automated processes. Array lets you make changes quickly and easily, and our team can implement changes that your Citizen Coders can’t handle within days.

It’s scaleable, secure, organized and keeps data easily referenceable - all of which can increase productivity by up to 40% compared to legacy multitasking methods


Array in Action

5Q Partners provide technology solutions to the commercial real estate industry. Technical assessments and remediations for data center migrations. The kind of job that requires paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. And with data stored in one complicated Excel workbook, photos stored elsewhere, and client-facing information provided as PDFs, 5Q Partners’ agents were wasting hours and hours finding, copying and organizing data.

Then came Array. Within a few weeks, they’d built out their forms, documents and workflows in Array, automated their visual reporting, and created a drag and drop interface that saved agents hours and hours of time.

Hours and hours that added up to tens of thousands of dollars. All saved, with no need to write a single line of code.

It has been great working with the Array Platform.  We are automating our field engineering assessment processes which should cut the time from when we finish the assessment to delivery of the final report by over 70%. We are also able to deliver a preliminary report on the day we leave! A tremendous bonus is that we can build our QA process right into the platform. Moving off platforms like Excel and Word and into Array will be a huge step forward for our company. - Russ Farr (5Q Director of Cyber Security Engineering)

It’s time to embrace no-code, and turn your workforce into an army of Citizen Coders. It’s time to try Array for free