Improve your Inspections with Array

Array’s digital checklists and dashboard improve your inspection processes and increase data accuracy

Inspections in the field are demanding tasks. Not just for the field operative carrying out the inspection, but for your administrative and management teams trying to manage workflows, set tasks, and collect, collate and analyze the inspection data.

Traditionally, collecting this data would involve inspectors returning completed reports and checklists via fax, courier, email or even in person. But there’s a simpler way.

A way that ensures every field operative carries out their inspection tasks in the same way, every time to ensure consistency across the board.

A way that’s flexible enough to meet challenges that change from task to task, site to site, and even day to day.

A way that prepares your field teams for any inspection, anywhere, at any time.

It’s deceptively simple. It’s incredibly powerful. It’s Array.

Unleash the power of Array checklists

Inspections may have to check a range of complex factors and complicated issues, but the process for doing this can be deceptively simple. Using a checklist. A checklist forms the backbone of routine inspections, and simply having a list to refer to prevents your field teams from missing any steps in challenging conditions.

Array’s checklists put a comprehensive list of steps for your inspectors to follow in the palm of their hand, either through a simple webform, or with our iOS or Android app.

And because Array’s checklists are digital, you can add, amend or remove steps in real time, giving your teams an up-to-date list that ensures everyone consistently gathers the information you need.

Whether you create your own checklists from scratch, or use a pre-populated inspection checklist from our library, Array gives you complete consistency with exact step-by-step instructions, and the flexibility that comes from instantly changing checklists when conditions change.

How can a digital checklist improve your inspections?

There are four instant improvements that switching from paper checklists to Array can deliver, and they go far beyond the simplicity of not needing to collect paper reports from multiple locations:

They improve data quality: Paper checklists are easy to lose, can be incorrectly filled out, and are often rendered obsolete by changing conditions. Array checklists can’t be lost (more on that below), ensure field teams provide the right information with instant checks, and can be updated on the fly.

They’re securely gathered instantly: If your field team has an internet connection, they’re instantly stored on a secure cloud server the second they’re completed, with no opportunity for inspection reports to go missing. Data is always collected, stored, and standardized to ensure no information is lost.

They’re adaptable: Our library is filled with pre-generated checklists for nearly any type of inspection, but tailoring them (or creating your own from scratch) with our no-code platform is simple. Adapt your inspection criteria to specific locations, customer types or even changing weather conditions. And because they’re digital forms, any changes will be sent to your field teams instantly.

They simplify your reporting: How much of your business’ time is dedicated to collecting paper reports from different field teams, attempting to standardize the data, and using it to manually generate reports? If you digitize your inspections with Array, you’ll spend almost no time at all on these tasks. That’s because Array automatically generates your reports from the standardized responses your teams submit. No need for any expensive, time consuming administrative tasks.

Array’s smart checklists let you automatically convert the everyday tasks your field teams carry out into useful data. If it’s time you digitized your inspections process, it’s time you tried Array for free.