The insurance industry is changing. Can Array really give independent adjusters a competitive advantage?

For an $86 billion industry, the independent claims adjustment market still has one foot in the past. Even though claims companies know that technology and digitization is the key to more efficient, more profitable, more successful operations, many independent adjusters still use traditional methods.

Maybe your field adjusters still provide data and information in a whole range of different formats - from written paperwork and physical files, to a small number of digital documents, all of which need to be examined, collated, and processed in-house.

While this way of working still gets the job done, it can be inaccurate and inconsistent -neither of which are attractive to the insurance companies who hire your independent field teams.

There is a better way. A way that’ll deliver a real competitive advantage for your teams, and help you win more business.

That way is Array.

Streamline your Tasks

Independent adjusters for catastrophe, property, casualty, or auto all need to collect data, analyze that data, and funnel the information back to the insurance company that’s handling the claim.

When it comes to the first part of this process, collecting data, Array can help. Our core functionality - form building - lets you create reports, surveys, and checklists to collect all the information you need. Array lets you log written notes, capture and annotate pictures, and add geographical location to your reports.

You can convert existing PDF forms, checklists, and questionnaires to work with Array, and then use our web forms or the Array app to digitally collect information in the field.

Information that can then be quickly funneled back to your offices for analysis.

Automatically Generate Narrative Reports in Seconds

Array lets you automatically generate documents based on the data collected, complete with images and information from your inspections, that you can pass to the insurance firm. You can even automate the sending of these reports via email, using Array’s powerful logic to make sure insurers get the information they need in a single, digital document, as soon as it becomes available.

A Genuine Competitive Advantage

Independent claims adjusters that move to digital processes that provide insurers with reliable, detailed reports in a simple and consistent format are going to outperform those adjusters who stick to the old ways of doing things.

And those who don’t digitize will find themselves unable to produce consistently accurate reports as quickly as those that do, meaning they’ll find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

But the independent claims adjusters that adopt new, digital claim inspection processes? Those that use tools like Array to save time, automate tasks, and reduce administrative workloads?

They’ll find themselves more in demand than ever. Because they’ll have a genuine competitive advantage.

The kind of advantage that only comes from Array.

See for yourself.

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