Site Inspection

As an on-site inspector, you must perform your job with absolute precision. Every decision you make is critical, as it affects job completion, safety, compliance, and industry standards. Therefore, you must be able to communicate efficiently and submit accurate data fast.

The problem is that your current internal processes may be slowing you down. For instance, every time you have to submit a report, you have to return to your office, create a new form, make sure the data is correct, and then send that form as an attachment to multiple recipients through an email. This is a time-consuming process that you may have to repeat numerous times throughout the week.

Array offers a better solution to construction site inspection processes. Our advanced technology helps you create customizable checklists, reports, and other documents, and allows you to send them from any device in any remote location. It enables you to improve the construction site inspection process while making your job easier.

Below are some specific ways that the Array online form builder and data collector can help you with your job performance.

1. Create Your Own Customizable Checklists

Instead of using forms from desktop applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets, use customizable forms that you can draw up and share on a cloud platform. You can choose from pre-formatted checklist templates that save you time. You have the ability to tweak and edit the checklists on the spot for greater flexibility.

Using customizable forms, you can combine locations that you want to include in your inspections. You can also add custom ratings, attributes, and actions, as well as provide notes or questions that everyone can view, input, and share. Build custom inspection forms to suit any project or meet any need. You can also drag and drop forms in the form builder, design forms with dynamic layouts, or use different versions of forms.

2. Go Mobile

Thanks to the power of the cloud, you can now utilize your construction inspection forms on any mobile device. Using your Array mobile app saves you time and allows you to address any issues and communicate on the spot. Array offers apps for both iOS and Android phones for greater flexibility. You can get access to all your forms, create checklists, and develop forms quickly. You can even collect your data when you are offline.

When you go mobile, you can automatically send out PDF documents to anyone on your team. This gives everyone the ability to understand all protocols associated with a project and review all requirements in the site inspection process.

3. Organize Your Communication

It can be frustrating trying to remember who to send your emails and messages to. It can also be time-consuming trying to create email groups or decide which batch of recipients should participate in the latest wave of correspondence. Automating your mail outs to particular recipients saves time and streamlines your messaging processes.

Array allows you to create conditions for each email so that it goes to the right person every time. You can also send and receive notifications and add attachments in fewer steps. This is especially useful when you combine it with a custom live-reporting tool. Email the latest reports via a link to the report page. The recipient clicks the link and has instant access to all reports, including the most current construction inspection information. It makes messaging your report much easier.

4. Set Your Permissions & Security

As an inspector, it is important to operate on a secure platform. After all, not everyone should have access to internal data. Array allows you to set your permissions at certain levels on a per-user basis. Array also offers full encryption and CAPTCHA tools to generate tests that only humans can pass, protecting your data from malicious bots. You can set multiple permissions and create accounts for other members of your team. As the administrator, you are in full control of the platform so that it stays secure.

You can decide if you want to limit access to just your team or if you want to make it available for public access. You can also create custom links, and embedded form codes to give people quick access to your forms.

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