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4 Ways to Run a Cutting-Edge Inspection Service with Technology

Because the construction industry is now part of the digital era, it's critical to embrace tools and applications for planning and executing projects. That includes how to run a cutting-edge inspection service. Construction-focused software with analytics capabilities allows managers and other stakeholders to improve costs, timelines, and efficiencies. Not only are these tools beneficial for collaborating digitally but also data storage and compliance.

1: Form Implementation

With the inspection services industry generating $4 billion throughout the country during 2019, there's no room for data-entry errors. Previously, a field inspection would involve using paper, pencil, and clipboard system. However, the use of technology allows technicians to eliminate this record-keeping routine. Instead, recording asset information during routine and repair inspections occurs using digital forms.

That way, the process automates the scheduling of inspection and maintenance. For example, technicians use forms to enter data into a centralized database. This same database is available for pulling asset maintenance history on-demand.

Here are other ways technicians can implement forms:

· Keep inspections on-track using digital forms

· Track crew progress

· Share data and prevent data duplication

The use of forms also ensures field inspectors can keep a close eye on the job site. For example, they can make sure crews are working safely and that all job sites are clear of hazards. The main reason is that all incidents and workflows are reported using forms.

2: Use of Free Mobile Applications

Mobility is an incredible asset during a field inspection. Field technicians need these devices, including smartphones and other devices, for remote data entry. Technicians can also use them for a variety of different reasons, including as an equipment label reader.

How else can you run a cutting-edge inspection service using free mobile applications?

· Collect and view data using Array's free mobile app

· There's no need to be online to take pictures, collect data, sign documents, and submit data

· Complete this work in real-time using iOS or Android services

Mobile applications are beneficial to those in the field, as well as in the office. The main reason is that the software integrates with cloud technology. All data that technicians and crew members enter in the field captures, uploads, and can be utilized by managers, stakeholders, and anyone else who has access to the project. An example of such mobile applications also includes the use of drones.

“Some property owners are using drones to make inspections of areas of buildings where it’s difficult to reach, whether it’s checking along the top of the roof or siding to see if repairs need to be done,” says Ken Lewis, executive director of the Greater Minneapolis chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association.

3: Utilizing Email Automation

Communication is critical during a field inspection. That's where connectivity and email automation play significant roles regarding technology. Have you thought about what happens if an emergency occurs? Email automation is an excellent way of establishing an emergency response, incident communication policies, workflows, and procedures.

Email automation also allows field inspectors to create templates they can use differently depending on the form of communication. That way, the process becomes more streamlined and efficient. It also eliminates repetitive work.

Here are more reasons why utilizing email automation is critical for running a cutting-edge inspection service:

· If you don’t communicate with your inspection teams regularly, problems can arise

· Use tailored emails to respond quickly to specific concerns

· Customized emails also provide resources upon demand

This type of automation is also beneficial when technicians need to send instant alerts and reminders to crew members. The system allows you to create messages that repeat, individual reminders, and other forms of messaging directly to the user’s mobile device.

4: Ensure You’re Meeting Compliance Standards

Using technological automation will help ensure you're meeting these requirements. That use of technology allows for automatic integration of safety records into environmental, health, and safety solutions. That way, your inspection company can build customs documentation that meets regulatory requirements.

Running a cutting-edge inspection service means meeting compliance standards by using high-quality and accurate reports. That means your company must implement the right report and checklist at the right time during every inspection. How can field inspectors accomplish this?

· Publishing safety training materials to worker's mobile devices in real-time

· Scheduling and scoring safety inspections

· Building forms and workflows ensuring all inspections occur correctly and on-schedule

· Use cloud-access to simplify the auditing process

· Use interactive dashboards to receive up-to-date safety compliance scores

Meeting compliance standards is vital for the safety of every field inspection. The use of technology not only helps your field inspection company achieve that goal but also maintain historical records. That way, you can ensure corrective action occurs based on historical data.


Running a cutting-edge field inspection service with technology is an incredible opportunity for taking your business to the next level. Not only will you be preventing errors from occurring by eliminating the paper and pencil system, but you’ll also be ensuring safety and workflow standards are happening. To learn how your company can become a cutting-edge inspection service with technology so that your business can flourish with an increase in profit, schedule a one-on-one consultation today.

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