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Demand for on-site services is rapidly growing. Customers are now looking for vendors who can arrive on site and provide high-quality, efficient service. This has drastically changed the way vendors do business and perform internal processes.

Vendors face a wide range of challenges when trying to meet customer demands:

  • Inefficient tools.
  • Limited data access.
  • Manual processes.
  • Wasted travel time.
  • Wasted time and productivity in scheduling employee.

How do field service providers keep up with customer needs while staying competitive in their industry? The solution is field service management software. Array can help you maximize your ROI by offering these job solutions:

1. Reduced Overhead Cost

Automated scheduling reduces overhead compared to manual scheduling. Field service management tools can optimize your day so that you can complete more revenue-generating activities while cutting costs in the process. Management tools allow you to:

  • Manage inventory more efficiently.
  • View your in-stock inventory quickly.
  • Order products directly from your app or online tool.
  • Avoid last-minute or rushed orders.
  • Lower your shipping costs by bulking your orders.

You can also ensure that your technician arrives on the job with all the tools and products they need to provide exceptional service.

A field service management solution allows you to optimize your route, reducing fuel costs and wear & tear on your company vehicles. It can account for traffic, construction, or other road conditions to select the fastest route. It can also identify which tech is closest to a destination if an emergency job suddenly comes up.

In the world of business, downtime and resource consumption cost money. Array helps you reduce these costs by helping you create more efficient processes.

2. More Organized Staffing

Maintaining a seamless work schedule with several employees can be complicated and take up a lot of your time. Sudden changes in personnel due to workload demands or personal issues that arise can hurt your customer service and create downtime. With field service software from Array, you can create a smoother process every time you need to reschedule workers or call in additional staff. You can also do the following:

  • Create an efficient workflow with fewer problems.
  • Quickly handle sudden changes in personnel.
  • Estimate the completion of any job.
  • Replace or add technicians as needed.

Now you can keep the workflow moving forward with fewer interruptions, even when an employee does not show for work or a sudden boost in customer requests requires an additional technician right away. The overall result is more productivity, which adds to your bottom line.

3. Faster, More Accurate Invoicing

Field service management software lets you take notes in the CRM, generate invoices, and capture signatures on-site. When the job is complete, there is no need for you to return to the office or submit paperwork. You simply push ‘send’ from your device from any remote location.

This solution can reduce the billing cycle by 30 days or more, giving you more consistent cash flow for your company. You also benefit from prompt invoicing and a reduction in invoice corrections when you implement a field service solution.

You can send quick data about which services you delivered or which jobs you completed directly to the back-office team via the CRM. Providing real-time data before, during, or after a job can help you send invoices much faster.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

Happy employees increase company profitability and are more likely to lead to satisfied customers. A useful field service management tool gives you accurate schedules in real-time. It saves time on the phone with the office for customer details and locations, so you can complete the job and move on to the next one faster.

FSM tools improve all of your internal process in several different areas. For instance, you can:

  • Quickly access and edit the checklist to make sure that employees complete all the steps in the job.
  • Enter any notes in the CRM and reference them at a later point.
  • Allow your customers to sign for the job or submit a payment through the app.

Field service management tools give you the ability to make a complete digital transformation on a centralized cloud-based platform so that everyone can be more productive on the job.

5. Enhance Customer Service

When something goes wrong, your customers need to know that they can rely on your company for timely service. Array ensures that your technicians arrive on time and with the right equipment and tools to complete the job right the first time. This ensures that your customers are 100% satisfied and builds a long-term relationship.

Field service software gives your technicians instant access to important past and current job information so that they can diagnose and solve an issue fast. When customers can rely on your company to provide affordable rates, work of the highest caliber, and fast service, they will call on you time and again.

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