Field Service Automation

Field service technicians are always one step ahead regarding mobile tech. What consumers are testing at electronics fairs are already in use by field service technicians. What does this mean for field service automation? Because the market is competitive, there's a need for adaptation to technological innovations to lead and stay on top of the market.

According to the Technological Services Industry Association, field services will experience boosts in productivity and revenue increases as a result of automation. Mobile tech helps automate field service operations in a variety of ways, including streamlining deliveries, assisting field service professionals with completing strategic repairs and improving customer management. We’re going to talk about how mobile tech is shaping the future regarding field service automation.

Mobile Access

Thanks to the use of smartphone technology and the various apps available, it's possible to seamless mobile access to occur throughout the field service industry. Field service employees experience a wide variety of benefits using mobile access on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Arguably, the most significant capability is producing timely and accurate reports.

What's more is, it's possible for field workers to increase their efficiency. For example, if the need arises to add photos, video, or audio to data, it’s possible for them to do so using their device’s camera. Previously, workers would have to use separate recording devices and share this information later. Now, with the touch of a button, field service employees can share this data on-demand.

Mobile access also allows field workers to conference stakeholders, owners, and other project managers into live meetings no matter their location.

Let’s say they’re at a building site and there are questions about the design. Field workers can open a live feed of the site using their smartphone or tablet. Use of this feature is beneficial because it enables on-the-go meetings in real-time and allows workers to keep digital notes they can go back to later, with ease.

These mobile access features are shaping the future of mobile-friendly, tech-enabled streamlined workflows. In addition to helping field workers produce the best possible reporting, they’re also improving communications and data captures.

Email and Workflow Automation

Creating an automated office prevents documents and tasks from getting lost in email chains. If employees are ignoring responsibilities, work isn't moving efficiently. Therefore, it's critical to develop a system in which contractors don't need to redo work when someone fails to address an issue.

Efficient workflows help ensure documentation is in place, there are no compliance issues, and an audit trail systematically builds itself.

It's possible for field workers to automate their mobile offices with email alerts. That way, those who have the ball in their court know there's an issue that needs addressing and when. The email can contain information like change orders, invoicing, labor hours, and other critical details. Using pre-built templates helps further automate and streamline this process for field workers. That way, they can send these alerts in an instant.

Additionally, it’s essential for field workers to have a system set up to send reports to the right supervisors or stakeholders automatically as soon as a job progresses, and your crew begins prepping for the next phase. Field technicians use this automation to their advantage because each time they send a report, they’re developing a historical archive that includes every event for that project. These steps allow field service employees to work smarter and faster.

Compliance inspections

Every business should be working toward making improvements regarding compliance regularly. No one knows when these inspections are going to occur, so it’s critical to ensure standard operating procedures are undergoing frequent checks. Mobile technology allows information to be at the ready, especially when inspections occur without notice.

If you’re identifying and addressing problems as they occur, you’re less likely to experience a compliance issue. Through the use of field service automation, it’s possible to empower field service technicians with this same system of checks and balances. As soon as they receive data, they can upload, store, and manage it in the cloud. That way, there’s less chance of errors occurring or compliance inspections becoming an issue.

Final Thoughts

Field service automation is shaping the future of mobile technology in a variety of ways. Those who are working in the field service industry are embracing mobile access in ways office workers never thought possible.

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