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How many times have you wrestled with balls of paper to collect data for your construction service operations?

Want to win that battle of the paper balls? Tired of dealing with wads of paper data?

Then choose a solution that successfully streamlines a construction service business and prepares it to scale as it grows.

Paper has been used for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians in the form of papyrus.

You can’t use paper that old, but get this:

In the 21st century, the average office worker in the UK uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That equates to two full boxes of paper per person. Astronomical numbers that are no good for nature.

You can no longer use paper for today’s data collection, either. There are simply too many pitfalls from the manual, outdated processes like pencil and paper or spreadsheets. It hinders your construction business’ growth from lack of efficiency and reporting. When it hinders your growth, you’re unable to scale properly.

What should you do to avoid these issues?

Lose the paper and go digital

A form builder app is an easy-to-use digital form creator that builds mobile-friendly forms that can be saved and used instantly. It’s all drag-and-drop, and you don’t have to worry about code.

When you’re in construction service operations, you need digital forms to improve your workflow processes. They give you easier, faster, streamlined data collection processes for your company. You can manage your workflows and data proactively.

Besides, who likes manual labor when you can automate your workflows and communications? Form Builder’s form versioning oversees any changes that have been made to your form by other team members. That way, everyone is in the loop. The cloud-based app shows who’s doing what during your projects. And that’s important.

Just fire off interactive reports to the right supervisors or stakeholders as soon as a job progresses and your crew preps for the next phase.

Better than those wads of paper?

Email, Your Way

Branding is always important for any business, and your construction service company is no different.

Form builder apps enable you to create branded mailouts using email logic. Email logic is the ability to send an email notification to responders. The email logic function can be used when you want to send the details of specific form submissions to particular individuals after job completion.

Mobile Data and Reporting

Back to those wads of paper, it’s important to lose the paper-based processes within your construction service operations. It helps cut your costs, which in turn helps you scale better.

Are you having trouble with centralizing and organizing information for your multiple construction clients and projects? With a form builder app, you can collect data in a number of ways, whether it’s from other Array forms or from apps like Dropbox or Evernote.

Visualizing your data reporting

Dynamic, responsive reports are created and perfectly formatted for viewing on any device. You can visualize your form data in a way that works for you.

The reports area is where you can view, download, and analyze captured data. You can filter information in your projects, forms, and maps to segment and download any single or bulk elements that you want to view.

See the big picture by viewing all of your data in a way that works for you. The Array form builder app lets you present easy-to-understand smart data and focuses on key areas with identifiable charts and statistics. You’re able to gain valuable insights by focusing on hand-picked elements of your data collection.

Because information is downloadable from smartphones, tablets, and desktops, construction companies can immediately react to data that can be visualized from any device.

No signal? No problem!

Array is available for iOS and Android, enabling you to collect data even if you’re offline.

In addition to the data in the forms, you’re able to use your device’s camera to add signatures, and high-quality photos, video, or audio.

Wads of Paper No More

The Form Builder app pulls you away from those crumpled balls of paper for good. You can streamline your construction service operations so your workflows are automated and everyone knows when a project progresses so they can prepare for the next phase of the job.

The form builder provides you with a way to collect and manage your data so it keeps everyone on the same page. It streamlines the way you work, and for your construction service company, that’s everything.

Better than Tossing Crumpled Paper

You’ve got to learn more about how a form builder app can streamline your construction service’s operations. Pick a day to book your demo now!

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively streamline workflows in their efforts to maximize scalability. Array's customizable forms and interactive reports enable faster, smoother workflows with less errors, so you can focus more on growing your business.

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