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Growing any company is a challenge, but successfully scaling a construction company comes with significant hurdles.

Operational leaders have to oversee a number of different processes, stay current on safety requirements, and manage their team members. Without the right standards or technology in place, some things are bound to go overlooked. That’s often where costly mistakes get made.

One solution to overcoming challenges is by updating your team’s safety inspection tools and technology. By innovating your operations this way, you’ll be able to scale your company more quickly and confidently.

Why Managers Need to Streamline Construction Processes

Using outdated paper methods or complicated software just slows your business growth down, and puts your company at risk of a few inefficiencies.

“You can use whatever system you prefer to handle everything from bookkeeping, scheduling and invoicing, to training and task management,” advises John Rampton for Entrepreneur, “as long as that system contains basic knowledge of the task and helps each employee by providing step-by-step instructions for each employee.”

Without best practices in place, or technology to support them, operational leaders are at risk of a few things:

  • Losing track of data on projects: When teams stop tracking milestones or using compliance checklists, there’s more room for error or injury on the job.
  • Being inaccessible to team members: Information about a project should be available to everyone on the team and kept up-to-date, to help support clear communication.
  • Encountering budget issues: Taking time to correct mistakes can also be costly if teams have to rework a project or replace materials.

Operational managers can ensure their projects aren’t delayed, however, by using technology that supports lean business growth principles. These business strategies include cutting inefficiencies by streamlining processes with the right safety inspection tools.

Using Technology to Streamline Your Safety Inspections

Build efficiency into your operations by using a lean business philosophy when choosing a construction technology solution.

“The philosophy is centered on eliminating waste in all the (sometimes unexpected) forms it can take for construction companies,” writes Kim Slowey for Construction Dive, ”from excess materials delivered to a project site to overlapping tasks in a workflow.”

Your technology should streamline tasks, provide safety inspection tools, and keep your team up-to-date automatically. This saves time for everyone on the team, and helps to prevent miscommunication.

“Under economic strains, it’s all the more important for the construction industry to clamp down on inefficiency and improve productivity levels,” says Slowey. This is especially true for safety inspections and audits, where mistakes can cost more than time and money.

Features of your safety inspection tools and construction technology should include:

  • Automated notifications so you don’t miss any details or communication.
  • Customizable checklists to keep your team’s audits and inspections on track.
  • Communication tools that integrate with your existing software.
  • Mobile access so everyone stays in-the-know, even when you’re out of range on a jobsite.
  • Reporting tools that deliver real insights and give managers the big picture.

Strap Your Team for the Future of Construction

Operational managers can guarantee efficiency, better communication, and safer team members by using software like Array, which performs to help support your firm’s growth.

And it’s more necessary than ever, as construction teams are challenged to stay ahead of the curve with technology. Projects are becoming more complex, safety requirements are more rigid, and operational managers need a capable, integrative construction technology to support all of it. And according to industry experts, these challenges aren’t going anywhere.

“The rapidly evolving infrastructure challenges of the next decade demands that both owners and engineering and construction firms embrace technology more strategically and at a far more rapid pace than in the past,” says Geno Armstrong, Engineering & Construction Leader for KPMG in the U.S.

KPMG found that many of today’s construction and engineering firms are managing their operations using manual methods or multiple software platforms. Without firm standards or a strategy in place, these businesses will run into inefficiencies that could cost them significantly.

Today’s Tech-Savvy Construction Team

More construction operational leaders recognize the need for integrative technology, especially since the younger (and more digitally-aware) workforce will expect to see construction firms evolve this way.

According to Triax Technologies, “Customers do not want to use multiple platforms for similar functionality, and as they become more tech savvy, and more solutions become available, they will increasingly integrate third-party data sets with internal platforms and processes.”

When construction teams successfully adopt best practices and a strategy that includes updated construction services technology like Array, they’ll ensure the success of the company by collecting the right data. Interstate Electrical Services recently restructured their operations and supported this fresh start with better data collection and technology practices.

“With real-time data flowing in continuously from every department at Interstate, we are able to make intelligent decisions on the jobsite, ensure accuracy across the board, and predict what our workload will look like 18 months from now,” reports Interstate.

Having more robust data about your operations keeps your team informed, deliver projects on time, and can help you meet higher business standards.

When you get your team on board and implement the safety inspection tools they need, you create a more efficient team. Learn how Array can help streamline your operations and help your firm grow, by delivering the tools you need to stay in business.

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively streamline workflows in their efforts to maximize scalability. Array's customizable forms and interactive reports enable faster, smoother workflows with fewer errors, so you can focus more on growing your business.

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