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To successfully scale any business, you need a grasp of the resources available to you, a solid team, and the right data.

This is especially true if you’re managing construction operations or own a firm in the construction industry. With projects growing in complexity and new requirements in safety and building standards, staying on top of your team — not to mention your inspections — requires serious data integrity.

There are a few ways construction operations can be streamlined so that your company is able to grow quickly, but modern data-collection methods need to be in place for today’s construction firms to find continued success.

The Trouble With Construction Operations and Data

The construction industry is going through rapid growth. But sometimes growth is messy.

Rapid growth and progress can sometimes lead to poor quality work on projects, especially without proper collection methods for information. This problem is especially common in the construction industry. According to Construction Dive, “59% of managers said they receive incomplete information about work quality when using manual systems, and 65% said they miss change-order opportunities.”

Growing businesses can sustain periods of both success and decline by gathering more accurate information from team members and projects, however. This data should give construction operations managers the information they need to streamline processes, determine workload, and set standards in team operations.

But if managers are still using multiple systems or manual methods (like Excel spreadsheets) for gathering information on projects, they often wind up with problems tracking projects down the line, including costly callbacks and missed opportunities.

Getting Better Data on the Job

To save time and money on projects and to help your construction firm thrive, you’ll want to have solid data in place. This data should give you information about:

  • Team Productivity
  • Safety Procedures and Inspections
  • Use of Materials
  • Scheduling

When construction operations managers have this data, they’re able to “optimize decision making for multiple topics, including workloads, staffing levels, and strategies for minimizing inefficiencies,” according to McKinsey.

But that’s just not possible with traditional methods, and the demand for high-performing data-collection technology has led to the innovation of new construction services solutions. Tools like Array help operational managers access, monitor, distribute, and analyze project information as needed.

These technology solutions are key to a construction firm’s growth and future success, according to McKinsey. “The companies that place the right bets now will probably be the industry leaders in the next 10 to 15 years if they match their greater investment in technology with a company-wide commitment to change,” according to the report.

By investing in construction operations solutions like Array, business owners can stay ahead of their competition.

Data-Collection Solutions Made Easy (and Secure)

The data tracked during projects and inspections are vital for a construction firm’s growth. More companies recognize how helpful (and necessary) that information is, and are now hiring digital teams or tech officers to oversee operations. Every part of a company’s operations and procedures, even day-to-day tasks, provides valuable information about the company’s potential.

“If critical business data normalization can be accomplished, the results can increase key project outcomes such as budget, productivity and profitability,” according to Dodge Data and Analytics.

Here are a few features that new data-collection solutions should provide:

  • Security: Because of the information that’s gathered during projects, the integrity and security of that data is key. Data technology like Array includes features like encryption and multiple permissions to make data-collection and distribution easier for managers and safer for companies.
  • Automated Notifications: Other solutions include automated notifications and reporting, so that project tracking is easier for your team. And forms are accessible by smartphone, as well, so nothing gets missed.
  • Compliance Checklists: With compliance checklists available through Array, managers don’t have to worry about the next audit or safety inspection.

Having a business strategy that includes robust technology and data-collection helps business owners guarantee scalable company success. Not only that, implementing new technology makes construction firms more relevant to today’s emerging workforce.

The Next Generation of Construction

The Millennial generation is known for having an especially tech-savvy mindset, and that’s just what the construction industry needs for it to thrive, according to some.

“The timing for this kind of mindset is perfect: new virtual design and construction tools and integrated project delivery methods will all require higher levels of collaboration within and among project teams,” reports FMI, a management consulting firm for the construction industry.

By supporting their construction operations with technology tools like Array, managers can guarantee they’ll stay attractive (as employers) to today’s future leaders — crucial for the industry to stay current. “Having these young people focused on a common purpose, effective processes, excellent communication, and solid relationships will help transform the industry over time.”

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively communicate and improve operational visibility. Array's customizable forms and reports enable better construction site workflows by increasing project visibility and improving field communications.

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