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Why Construction Services Are Switching to Mobile Technology for Auditing

Inefficiencies in the construction industry have led to more demand for new construction services technology so that companies can operate more effectively.

Using the most innovative technology in construction ensures that operational leaders can manage their teams and projects on a day-to-day basis through effective communication. Managers need this technology to not only track projects more smoothly, but to keep progress – and future success of the company – at the top of everyone’s mind.

Using mobile technology like Array, with features like workflow and auditing tools, can help today’s construction managers operate more effectively. The right construction services technology won’t just help you deliver successful projects but also guarantees you’ll have the right resources to grow your construction firm.

How to Scale Your Construction Business

To grow a construction team, operational leaders should focus efforts on establishing (or revamping) their standards and processes around operations.

These kinds of business standards don’t just result in smoother building projects. They also enable better communication to ensure happier and more engaged employees. Employee retention is a struggle in the construction industry, but keeping your team members informed and on board can guarantee more rapid company growth.

“Much like a construction site, teamwork is one of the biggest keys to the success of any business,” according to Construction World. “Having a strong collaborative culture that stretches from the office and into the jobsite is essential in setting a foundation that will encourage workers to stay with a particular company.”

Construction operational leaders can scale a business by implementing the following best practices:

  • Streamlined workflows: With your team’s input, build out project timelines and workflows so that you meet deadlines (and avoid hiccups).
  • Seamless communication: Encourage dialogue among your crew. Team interaction makes for a healthier workplace, and good project management should make communication a priority.
  • Effective reporting: When clear communication is supported with the right technology, managers have access to reports that integrate and offer insight on that data.
  • Compliance checks along the way: Keep things running more smoothly and avoid legal issues when you check in on projects consistently.

But the right technology needs to be in place in order for leaders to carry out these strategies and scale their business: it’s not just a matter of checking off boxes on a list or filling out forms.

Using Technology for Your Construction Firm’s Future

To help scale a construction business the right way, operational managers need to be able to delegate tasks easily and oversee key aspects of a project. “If a start-up is going to scale, managers need to implement standardized and repeatable processes, with proper delegation” writes Philip Salter for Forbes

“This may require investments in purchasing support systems including IT and training personnel accordingly, as well as delegation from the founder and senior management,” he explains.

That means performing regular audits, having project workflows in place, and encouraging clear communication between team members. But that kind of communication or data collection just isn’t feasible with outdated tools like Excel or paper forms.

Launchcloud’s mobile technology tools help operational leaders with not just communication among teams, but meeting compliance requirements and project deadlines.

Features that you’ll want in your construction services technology include:

  • Auditing Tools: Meeting compliance requirements can be challenging, but regular audit checks will help managers standardize procedures and team members log relevant project information.
  • Reporting Software: Reporting tools can help operational leaders gain insights on project costs, timelines, compliance and other data. Tracking this kind of information leads to better decision-making and cost-savings.
  • Offline Access: Use construction services technology that’s always accessible, so nothing gets missed and communication is encouraged, even when there’s no signal on a jobsite.
  • Data Security: Working with robust technology like Launchcloud means your information is protected, so you don’t have to worry about sharing private data.

Established communication standards and streamlining workflows can help managers and construction leaders stay compliant and scale their business the right way. But traditional manual processes will only prevent this kind of company growth. While construction services technology requires some investment, it’s crucial to guarantee the smoothest path to scaling your firm, with information and support that you can rely on.

By using Array’s technology solutions, operational leaders get the tools and resources needed for compliance, better communication, and a more effective business strategy.

Array helps construction operation professionals effectively streamline workflows in their efforts to maximize scalability. Launchcloud's customizable forms and interactive reports enable faster, smoother workflows with fewer errors, so you can focus more on growing your business.

To see how your construction company can have a better workflow, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with one of our construction operations specialists now.

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