A marketing flow depicts the journey an individual takes from initially visiting your website to becoming a paying customer. With a clearly defined flow, you can optimize each lead’s journey to increase the chances that they’ll ultimately turn into paying customers.

Because leads can leave your flow at any stage, it’s important that you keep them engaged at all times and constantly moving towards the close of the flow. Several of the greatest ways to do this is with customer activation emails.

  • Primary Introductions – Assist leads to get familiar with your brand.
  • Engagement – Support leads to take small actions and build familiarity.
  • Conversion – Support leads to make a purchase and become customers.
  • Reengagement – Reconnect dormant customers with your brand.
  • Promotion – Inspire customers to refer their friends to your business.

1. Primary Introductions

This type of email needs to educate new leads about your brand. Allow them to get familiar with the ethos of your brand and try to convey the value you consistently provide to your customers with your products and services.

2. Engagement

When a lead is fairly familiar with your brand and your communications stand out from the crowd of emails in their inbox, you can move to the engagement phase. This entails strengthening the relationship with your lead by sending them significant valuable content.

The aim is not to go for the sale just yet, but you’re warming the lead to your products and services.

3. Conversion

After a lead has engaged with your brand and has learned about the value of your products and services, you can begin encouraging these leads to make procurements.

4. Re-Engagement

Consider of the re-engagement phase as an additional engagement phase. The principle of delivering value through useful content still is applicable, but now, you’re targeting customers instead of leads.

5. Promotion

Lastly, when a person makes multiple purchases and develops an emotive connection with a brand, they have the option to transform from a customer to a brand promoter.

It’s crucial to single out these people, based on their customer history, and send them custom-made emails boosting them to tell their friends about your brand and business.

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