We all know that it is far from stress-free managing the communications within a human resources department. HR specialists are continuously in action, doing everything from rushing around the office to get important signatures to incoming new employees. As a result, HR teams quite possibly juggle more data and information than any other department in a business.

Managing all the moving parts can rapidly become anarchic, irrespective of how good one’s multitasking talents or organization skills are. Consequently, HR specialists are looking for alternative solutions to simplify their in-house practices, manage their workflow and automate their everyday administrative responsibilities. At Array we have put together 5 ways in which a great data collection app can be an HR professional's dream.

1. Job Applications

In place of filtering through an enormous amount of emails via an email inbox as was traditionally done, you should opt for an online job application form. For example, if you create a Array application form, you will be able to keep track of candidate information, such as resumes, portfolios, recommendations and other material, which will all be easily found in the reports section. Furthermore, with a Array form you can also customize your application form and set up automatic and customized ‘thank you for applying’ emails after each application.

2. Expense Reports

Expense reports can be another laborious and inefficient task that entails tracking employee expenditures. With the combination of employees using company cards and those who have to spend out-of-pocket while at conferences or events, the amount of receipt tracking can be a very time-consuming chore. In its place, use a form that permits users to enter repayment or expenses information. This constructs an automated process where the HR professional can view and approve expenses fast.

3. Contracts

Completing a contract can be an elongated process due to all the signatures that are essential to its validity. Using a scanner to upload paper documents into a PDF document to attain signatures is laborious and a bit old-fashioned. By using an online form builder to obtain electronic signatures from all necessary parties, the process of reviewing and signing contracts will become more efficient. On top of this, with Array’s signature feature you can electronically sign the form documents, cutting yet another set out of this long process.

4. Holiday Requests

Avoid emails, paper and spreadsheets altogether by producing an online request form. You can set the notifications so certain parties are aware of the holiday request and can approve as needed. This guarantees that HR doesn’t have to spend time chasing down managers for holiday authorization.

5. Performance Reviews

It would seem that performance reviews are a part of every successful business, and many are still using paper to collect information from the relevant sources for these meetings. Instead of inviting an employee to fill out information on a word document, send forms for both employees and managers to fill out at the same time from their personal computers at a convenient time. This does not only streamline the process and save paper, but it also provides easily accessible and automated documentation for future reviews.

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