The definition of a good database is relative to the requirements of each customer, this is because every situation is different. With new uses and applications for data presenting themselves to us every day - good, simple, adaptable database design is now more important than ever.

At Array we have made it our mission to make your customer database simple again. Array saw an opportunity to automate your working practices, leaving you time to work on your business rather than work for it – we wanted to expel the gritty unattractive programming practices from your workload, and expel the limitations for small companies that had stopped you from competing and challenging the established brand leaders.

The ease of access and adaptable design is essential in a database. At Array we have countered this issue by giving you the opportunity to create a drag and drop database, receive payments, create automatic mail outs, receive 24-hour support, receive and send documents and use this service anytime anywhere on your phone, tablet or laptop. We have also identified and taken account of a number necessary steps to ensure your database does everything you need it to:

We Will Meet Your Storage Needs

The foremost objective of a database is to store data. We store all of your databases and reports in the cloud, this not only means that you won't ever run out of disk space in your office, but you can also collect data away from the office and it will be in your database in real-time.

Your Data Is Readily Available

Many databases currently on the market don't make data readily available to the end-user. Data must be available as requested by the end-user, during all hours of business operation. With our offline mode, you can collect and view what you need to from remote locations. On top of this, our search functionality can let you directly search for the data you need.

We Protect Your Data

After the data is stored in the database, at Array we know the importance of ensuring that your data is well protected. We take data security very seriously and have many tried and tested safeguards in place to keep your database out of the wrong hands.

We Give You The Tools To Make Your Data Accurate

Suppose that storage is sufficient and security is established - we build on this. Security will stop unauthorized users from entering the database, but what is there to protect the data from users with access? You can choose what users have access to whatever parts of your database you choose - so no more worrying about bad work practices coming back to bite you.

We Help You To Minimize Redundant Data

One of the main goals when storing data in a database is to reduce or eliminate redundant information. You will easily be able to combine data and identify if there are duplicates in your records.

Array can create seamless processes for your business, your customers, and your data. Come and check out our packages today, so you can compete with the big boys.

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