Recently Array undertook a huge task of updating our online web platform we feel it is only right that the apps follow suit! Having reports available in app enables teams/users to have much more control over the data they collect and opens a whole range of new opportunities for field teams and how they use the data collected.

awesome tool for the teams, managers or users that are not based in the office

Array being a one of a kind Data Management Platform can be used in many ways to benefit your teams. Managing data can be done in an office via the web simply but we feel to utilise Array and its full potential and get the most from the users interacting with it, you want teams to manage themselves whether in the office or accessing via the app.

We have applied high focus on getting access to reports correct so that each user using the application can be set to a permission level depending on the data they are allowed to access, this is primarily for data security but in turn has provided much more range of the team members and what they can do with the application and what data they have access to.

The four new permissions levels are:

  • Account admin has virtually all of the same permissions as the account owner. They are able to view forms in all projects, as well as add users and review reports.
  • Field Manager has access to all the folders allocated to them but also have access to all submissions in that folder and can view and edit submissions.
  • Operator is someone who has access to folders and forms to submit but can also view and edit only their own submissions
  • Data Entry Users are able to open existing forms and enter new information. This role is meant for field operators who are collecting data without reviewing its results.

brings teams in the field closer together

Using the app is just like how Array works via web and can be an awesome tool for the teams/managers/users that are not based in the office, the application has been specifically designed with those teams in the field in mind. All reporting through the application is done in real time so any submissions made can be immediately seen.

Improving user permissions levels to allow much more accessibility was necessary and by doing this we have been able to limit the access to the data that user has at any one time. With these new permissions, we have ensured that the levels are suited to a specific member of the team so the data you collect is extra safe. For example, you may only want a certain team member to have access to only their submission and their locations, you can do this by giving them Operator access. Not only will this give them access to complete their forms but also recall any submissions they have made to edit and update, Field Manager and Account Admin are the much higher levels of permissions and these would be given to Team Leaders, Managers or Business Owners to access all data submitted to Array.

All in all the application has been honed for not only the ease of collecting data and accessing information but to bring teams in the field closer together and work closely with team members in the office.

Array sees the bigger picture and understands the need to use the data we collect! Our plan is to bring the field and the office as one, using a seamless, easy, real-time Data Management Platform.

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