As a small to medium third-sector or nonprofit organization, donations often contribute a substantial part to the resources that enable you to do your great work. As a result, you will want to make the donation process as easy as possible on your website.

The goal of a brilliant online donation tool should be to attract someone’s attention and be easy to use, but without detracting from the main point of your website which showcases your cause and why it’s worthwhile. With Array you can do just that. You have the opportunity to design your donation form with your own color palette and organization’s logo, and then embed it on your website with a simple easy to use iFrame code.

If you choose to embed a Array form on your organization’s website, you will be able to receive donations and send automated customizable branded thank-you emails and receipts to your benefactors. This automated process can let you get back to making a difference.

The ways in which Array forms can advance a charitable organization’s automation and attractiveness are unbounded. For example, Array forms can also be used for volunteer application forms, fundraising forms, or event forms.

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