Streamline Operations

How much of your working day is taken up by essential but time-consuming tasks that need to be done just to keep track of operations?

Things like submitting and monitoring work requests, collecting information from customers and field workers, or working out which equipment is in which location for what purpose?

As tempting as it might be to just ignore these processes and use that time for other more productive tasks, failing to keep on top of things will lead to drops in efficiency, backlogs in work, and potentially the loss of expensive tools and equipment.

So what if there was a way of simplifying everything? Using as little effort and time as possible to carry out these essential tasks?

A way of freeing up time and energy you could devote to the more complex and rewarding parts of your job?

There is. We’ve identified four effortless ways that Array will simplify your operations, freeing up valuable time that you can put to good use elsewhere.

One: Track Tools and Equipment

If your operation has team members working in different cities, counties and states, just keeping track of assets can be a full time job. Knowing who has which iPad, or who’s checked out what tool is vital if you’re going to make sure things don’t go missing. And sending emails or texts to check up on a piece of equipment - or calling field workers to ask if they have a certain tool - is a quick way to take up lots of time.

So let Array track everything for you.

Array can track thousands of individual tools and pieces of equipment, letting you know who’s using what, where they are, and why they have it.

And for internet-connected equipment like iPads, we can even let you know who’s logged in and their exact location. We’ve seen users effortlessly track equipment across whole countries, reducing the time it takes to locate misplaced items, and making it harder to lose expensive equipment.

Two: Keep an Eye on Tasks and Work Requests

Managing a workforce that spends a lot of time in the field can be hugely time consuming. With so many moving parts to consider, it can be a full-time job just working out routing and scheduling.

If managing tasks, work requests and locations is taking up too much of your time, Array can make things simpler.

With Array’s app downloaded onto field operatives’ cell phones, you can easily assign, track and manage tasks across your whole organization. What could’ve taken repeated calls or emails to assign, can now be handled instantly with a click of a mouse in your office. Array will then notify your field worker and report on their progress.

Time, and effort, saved.

Three: Let Technology Work Together

Over time, organizations use more and more tools to handle more and more tasks. It’s supposed to save everyone time, but too often it just creates more work and places you in the middle - moving data from one tool or system or spreadsheet to another.

Data must be shared to keep everything moving, but that can mean manually taking information from one place and typing it in somewhere else.

Or there’s Array. Array makes it effortless by connecting with all the tools and software you use. Need to move something from Google Drive to an email client, or share data from one application with another? Why not just open Array’s dashboard and let our software pull everything together for you?

Our bots and APIs make everything easy, quick and incredibly simple.

Four: Streamline Approvals

Even when work is being carried out, approvals and sign-offs can lead to a logjam in your processes. One that will take time and effort to clear.

If you aren’t fast enough processing approvals, then you’ll have workers waiting around to start their next jobs, delays in payment, and all sorts of other minor issues that can soon add up to lots of lost time and money.

Array will streamline your approvals process the same way it streamlines everything else we’ve discussed today. It’ll make things quicker, easier, and effortless - keeping everything moving and freeing up more time to help you and your teams become ever more productive.

Try Array today, for free.