Collating data and populating databases takes time and effort; why make it harder than it needs to be? Array has enabled a two way data function which means that not only can you pull data from another app into Array, you can also enable any information collated in Array to automatically populate other apps and email lists.

You can immediately see the benefit of this; everything only has to be done once there’s no duplication of work or data.

What are the practical benefits of two way data?

Imagine you’re at a sales event and you want to collect the details of new contacts as well as updating the details of current contacts. You can pull the current contact list into Array from your database making it easier to search it and make necessary amendments. Once updates and amendments are made all of the new data can automatically be sent back from Array into your database. It’s completely integrated data collation and sharing that makes your life so much easier and means all of your data is current and consistent.

How does two way data work in Array?

If you want to use the two way data facility in Array all you need to do is select data search when you’re creating a form. This just involves clicking one button on the form creation page. You are able to indicate the app you want to integrate with and select whether or not you want the information gathered in Array to be used to update the app. That’s where the two way data aspect comes in.

Once you’ve done this during form completion it’s all automatic when the form is populated. You don’t have to do anything else. It’s that simple that contacts can search for themselves on your lists and update their own details, or submit them if they are not already on the list. They don’t even need to have any knowledge of Array; that’s the beauty of two way data.

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