Sometimes, data doesn’t mean too much on its own. Rather, it’s the interplay between a user’s answer to several questions that is truly significant. In situations like this, you may want to merge response graphs together to get a clearer understanding of the data. This can be especially useful if you need to present your data in a presentation or if you need to compare different data sets, for example, this year's responses to a survey vs last year’s responses.

Combining two data sets is a common data management task, however it can take excessive amounts of time in traditional spreadsheets and it's also very easy to get wrong. With Array you can easily combine your datasets in the Reports section, meaning that you can save time and increase the reliability and presentation of your data.

To do this, simply click and drag one graph on top of another; you will see a “Merge Reports” icon appear while the graph is being dragged. Once you let go, a new graph will be created that reflects the answers to both questions.

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