It’s long been recognized that a target market can provide better returns on a marketing budget. When you’re dealing with clients getting value for their expenditure is a major concern, so you obviously want to maximize returns. As the emphasis on obtaining valuable customer data continues to grow, throughout the marketing arena, the innovative mobile data collection opportunities that Array enables are invaluable. It’s an easy to use, easy to manage system that puts the entire data collection process at your fingertips; from the creation of brand reflective forms, to the filtering and reporting of data in real time. It also enables your clients to view filtered and informative reports directly, as the data is being submitted.

Complete customization of forms

Using a Array account you can create the data collection forms you want; your design, your questions, your visual and media requirements. If you want to gather in-store visual data about your client’s brand, or competitor brands, then just use the Array Take Picture or Take Video features. If you want your field teams to provide a commentary on the in-store experience then just use the Take Audio option.

Think about it, you want to compare the customer’s in-store experience of your brand to that of a competitor. Design your form correctly and it’s easy to capture the entire experience. Your brand ambassadors can capture images of the brand locations. They can even use the useful Draw Over Image and Text Box features to draw attention to concerns or suggestions, such as “would we benefit from next aisle location”, or “we need to seek a less obstructed view”. Your brand ambassadors can also speak to the store staff and establish their knowledge of your brand, and other brands, as well as current promotions. They can speak to store customers and populate your forms with their comments. Using Array you can put your client into the customer experience using up to the minute, relevant data. You can also provide them with their own login access to the Array system so that they can see real time reporting of the collated data.

Current data direct from the customer

Array recognizes the importance of obtaining relevant and current marketing data straight from the customer. It’s quick and easy to share your forms with customers on a client’s website or as part of a bulk email marketing campaign. Remember the design of the forms is in your hands so they can be fully representative of the client brand. Ask the questions you need to improve your knowledge of the brand demographic. What attracts you to a product? How do you usually purchase the product? What is likely to deter you from trying a product? The answers to your questions are fed into the Array system and collated in easy to analyze reports.  

Full optimization of field and office based teams

Your campaigns often involve a combination of field and office based activity in order to secure the best client outcomes. Array embraces this and is optimized for use by your entire team, using iOS, Android and Web Apps. If you have a team of brand ambassadors in the office, speaking to potential or current customers, simply create and share a form with them; they access the Array Web App and populate and submit forms immediately. As the conversations are taking place so you can see what the people you are speaking to are saying, and you can start to use the information to your advantage.

For field teams who are measuring the performance of a product in store, just share forms with them on their mobile devices. They can submit comments on the positioning of the brand in store, the stores knowledge of the brand, or the presence and performance of competitor brands. Once your field teams have accessed the forms they can populate them with data all day, even if they lose connectivity, once they regain a signal all completed forms are submitted to the Array system. This innovation means that you don’t lose any valuable data collation time, important in adhering to timelines and budgets.

Capturing primary market data with Array

Array mobile data collection enables you to go straight to the source for accurate primary customer data. You can enable your brand ambassadors to complete face to face surveys and populate your forms with answers which are then fed directly into your real time data reports. You don’t wait for days for the data to be collated so you know that the information you have is as current as possible. In today’s environment of ever changing markets and trends this is a valuable benefit.

It’s not just about collecting, it’s about promoting too. The Array system allows you to run fully automated prize draw promotions; just populate a form with customer data and submit. Of course this can also be a great way of securing buy in to product communications such as marketing emails and newsletters. The Array Signature feature means that you can obtain customer details and their signature as agreement to receiving client product updates and information. Using customer information from your forms you have access to a potential market that has already shown an interest in the brand.

All of this now combined with Array's direct integrations allows your data to automatically update your Google Sheet, Calendar, Mailchimp or Dropbox, providing a time saving automation of your business.

Monitoring event success in real time

Experiential marketing is set to continue to grow in importance and popularity; the opportunity to immerse people in a brand in a live environment, But how can you measure the success of an event as it’s in progress, and directly after? It’s important to have this data in order begin your analysis and plan for ongoing marketing from the event, as well as learning for improvement of any future events. Enabling brand ambassadors at the event to submit data before, during and after means that you have all the data at your fingertips just waiting to work to your advantage.

It’s up to you what information would be useful but you could obtain details such as numbers of attendees, which aspect of the day attracted most engagement, what was the interest in your marketing aids, such as flyers and what examples of attendee participation were particularly notable.

Managing your time by enabling clients

How often are you distracted from valuable campaign activity by a client who wants to have a continual feed into the latest performance data? The team behind Array know that there is a fine balance between optimizing your time and making sure the client is engaged and satisfied. That’s why the Array system provides you with the opportunity to give your client access to the data they need on an ongoing basis. You have the option to allow access to View Reports to any of your system users. By giving this access to clients you let them see all of the current data as it is downloaded to the system, but they don’t get access to any of the distracting background work they don’t need to see. Their managers and analysts can use the Array advanced filtering options to enable them to select the data set they want and download it in Excel or PDF format. This innovative filtering system means that your client can drill down not only by dates, locations and brand ambassador details but also by individual question. This means that your client gets the specific and detailed information they want first hand, and you get to spend your time managing their marketing.

Array provides you with one place where you can design, collect, collate and analyze. It’s the data gathering solution that puts the entire experience in your hands, so you get the data you need when you need it, to best inform your marketing strategies and campaigns and provide best value for your clients.

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