The Revolution of No Code Software

Innovation is the only way forward in technical industries. Skilled labor jobs still employ the same techniques and technical skills as they always have, but the landscape has changed. Technology has completely revamped the way these industries work, and the desire to implement these tools within organizations has become increasingly common amongst skilled laborers.

It can be incredibly frustrating to know that there is a better solution, but continue to get bogged down by red tape and the inherent bureaucracy of the classic management structure. Typically, there is a big disconnect between the people at the top of the food chain, the decision makers, and those out in the field actually doing the work.

What we see time and time again is employees petitioning for change but getting nowhere. Many workers have a desire to see new software tools and platforms implemented to make their jobs more productive.

The problem is that these tools are often too expensive to build in-house, or the existing IT department doesn’t have the time or skills necessary to make a custom internal application. Then there is the issue of going through multiple stages of approvals in order to get changes implemented.

What if you could actually be a change maker in your organization by utilizing platforms that require low overhead costs, are easy to implement, and don’t add any additional strain to your IT department? With minimal training, you could completely update the workflows and processes of your daily operations, making an impact on your organization that truly matters.

The Power of No-Code

Developing an internal application to improve your workflows and processes is costly. It requires a lot of time, money, and people with specialized skills and education in development and software engineering to make even a simple software tool. But it is becoming more apparent every day that these tools are necessary to stay competitive in this ever-changing landscape.

You could even go buy an existing software, but you would still need your IT team to make sure it runs smoothly and does what you need. And even then, the chances of finding a software that fits into your organization and industry exactly the way you need it to are incredibly low.

So what’s the solution?

No-Code Enterprise Software.

No-Code tools empower the average citizen to develop fully customized applications without needing to write a single line of code. Essentially, you can log on, drag and drop until you have what you want, and then immediately deploy it for use in the field.

Using a no-code platform gives you a competitive edge within your industry. You can save money, cut down on costs, and make your daily tasks easier and more efficient.

And the best part is that YOU can be the change maker in your organization. You can build and deploy highly specialized tools without knowing a single thing about coding or software development.

There are dozens of no-code platforms out on the market and it can be daunting to decide where to start. So the best bet is to think about your daily tasks, and decide how to improve the efficiency of the things that are currently inefficient.

Paperwork and Data

One study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded the construction industry wastes $15.8 billion each year because of a lack of efficient information management systems for exchanging and accessing data. Many field-based industries spend a lot more time doing paperwork, compiling data, and writing reports than they actually spend doing an inspection or completing a task.

Our no-code platform, Array, is a suite of tools that gives field-based teams the power to eradicate paperwork, filing, and report writing from their day to day operations. Instead, you can complete your forms on a mobile device, and instantly have your report generated with all of your data stored securely in a fully-encrypted cloud server.

And all it takes is one person, you, to make a change.

Look at Massmart’s story.

They had dozens of stores, with over 10,000 employees, across 13 different countries. Thats a lot of data being collected on a daily basis. The problem was that they had no efficient, standardized process across their holdings to collect that data, store it, and analyze it.

Their head of operations looked for a solution and found Array. One man, with no coding experience or knowledge, implemented a change that drastically impacted the way his organization conducted business. With minimal training, he and his team became experts on the software and then trained others.

Now, Massmart has 10,000 employees using Array on a daily basis to collect information across their stores using over 500 fully custom forms that they built themselves.

That is the kind of change only possible with a no-code platform like Array.

That is the kind of change you could be making in your organization.

Be a Change Maker.

Array is for anyone within an organization who sees room for improvement. We exist to empower change makers to develop powerful tools that make big impacts. With Array, you can make a difference.

Array can help you maximize your potential and make your productivity skyrocket. You don’t need to know how to code to benefit from software tools. Rather than getting left in the dust amidst continuously evolving industries, use no-code tools to propel you forward into the future.

Try Array for free and see just how much of an impact you can make.