Think Big. Start Small

If you’ve looked around the Array website, you’ll have noticed a phrase that pops up time and time again. Something that sums up the way our clients move Array’s tools to the heart of their operational processes.

Think big. Start small.

You need to think big, because Array can do so much for your business. It can transform the way you collect data from workers and operatives all over the state, the country or even the world. It can simplify task management across a hundred different departments. And it can handle reports from every single employee in a multinational that spans continents.

That’s some real big thinking.

But it’s a bit daunting. Challenging. Maybe even a little bit worrying. After all, you’re the person who’s got to get this signed off and up and running. Which is...

Why We Say Start Small

Your business didn’t get to where it is accidentally.. Those processes and tools you’ve used to get you this far? They got you this far. So ripping them up and starting again is a big ask.

Especially when you’ve got to make sure any changes you make today fit in with what other locations or departments want to do tomorrow. Or next quarter. Or next year.

So we say start small. Start with one task that’s taking up too much of your time. Maybe it’s collecting reports from field operatives. Or look at one new service you’re offering - like self-inspections from homeowners and tenants.

Then use Array just for that. Try it out, put it to the test, and see how much time and effort it saves.

No huge commitment. No huge changes for your whole organization. No seismic shift in the way you do business. Just a test.

Some of you have already done that. You’ve taken the free trial, used our form builder, or our workflow tools, and thought “wow, this makes my life easier.”

Great work. You’ve started small, and it’s paid off. Now it’s time to think bigger.

Thinking Bigger - Opening Up What Array Can Do For You

The next time you’re looking at the way your organization spends its time, turn to Array to speed things up.

The next time you’re launching a new product or service, turn to Array to make it simpler.

Our platform’s flexible, it’s scaleable, and it does far more than we can cover in this blog. We’re talking mobile apps, automation, branded communications, workflows, task management. All simple. All secure. And we’re always adding new functionality.

Then the next time you’re reporting your progress to a regional head, or someone in head office, tell them what Array is doing for you. Because Array doesn’t just help businesses scale and grow. It builds careers too.

Build Your Career as Your Organization’s Array Expert

One thing we hear from people who started small with Array is that it got them noticed. Their department suddenly started performing better, and everyone wanted to know how. What could they do to improve things in their department? In their branch office? Even across the whole business?

Easy. You know the answer. You use Array. And because you’re the company’s Array expert, you’ll get to guide that transformation to smarter, simpler working. Your name will be on the time and cost savings.

You’ll be the forward thinker who saved the company thousands - even millions - of dollars with more efficient operations. And that’s the sort of thing that gets you noticed, rewarded, and even promoted.

Start Small With a Quick Click

Sounds great, right? So how do you start small right now?

With a free trial. You can try Array for free today. And when it makes your life easier, we’ll explain how you can think bigger and put Array into action across your whole department.

Then there’s the biggest question of all.

How far can this take you?

Start small today, for free.