Those maintenance checks never seem to end, right?

You’ve got field operatives all over the city - all over the country - carrying out vital tasks to keep everything running. It’s important. It’s vital…

It’s a quick way of generating piles, and piles, and piles of paperwork.

What if there’s a better way? A simpler way of keeping track of who did what, where and when?

A way of instantly getting insight into what’s been done on time, what’s taking too long, and what needs doing right now?

Guess what?

There is a better way. A way that scales with your business, that’s simple to set up, and that can be used in any location, even when your field operatives don’t have a cell signal.

It’s Array.

Know Exactly What’s Going On - Everywhere - With No Paper Required

Doing the maintenance work is only the start.

Your company has teams of professionals who do good work. Great work even. You’re not worried about that.

What you are worried about is how you find out whether work’s been done, where your field operatives are, and whether work’s being prioritized properly.

And if every single task needs a new paper checklist, and reports delivered or emailed here and there, printed and filed away, you’ll probably be worried about how much time and money is going on creating paper trails too.

With Array, there’s no need to worry. Everything’s tracked digitally, and stored on a simple paperless dashboard. Work is logged on a phone or tablet, and sent to you instantly.

No connection? No problem. The Array app stores the logged information and shares it the second a connection is established, so you’re always informed.

Assign, Control and Check Progress in Seconds

Array gives you complete control and visibility for all your maintenance checking and audit compliance.

You can customize the way your teams work with flexible, simple forms that take away the need to log things on paper. You’re given automatic notifications whenever a task is completed - or if there’s a fault - so you know what’s been done, what’s being done, and what really needs to be done.

Get Started Immediately, and Scale as You Grow

Here at Array, we say “start small, and think bigger.” We know that the thought of replacing all your legacy maintenance tracking and task management systems in one go is a pretty daunting prospect.

Especially if you have multiple teams with multiple specialities dotted around the city, the country, or even the whole world.

So start small. Array guides you through setting up task templates with our form builder, so you can create your first checklist straight away. Then fire that out to your first team, and watch your job get a little easier.

Once they’ve swapped paper trails for digital reporting, you’ll have a little more free time - that you can use to think bigger. Setting up the next set of templates for the next team, and the next team, and the next.

Until before you know it, your whole team’s working smarter, wasting less paper, and giving you instant insights so you’re always on top of maintenance tasks.

Start small, think bigger. It’s a smart way to work.

Unbeatable Oversight that you can Test for Free

Want to try Array for yourself? How much do you think that’ll cost just to give it a go with tomorrow’s batch of maintenance tasks? A hundred dollars? A thousand?

It’s a little bit less than that.

It’s zero. Zero dollars and zero cents, with a no-obligation free trial.

You can try Array for free for one of your maintenance tasks. And if it makes your life easier, we’ll help you put Array into action across your entire organization, tracking every task everywhere.

See how Array can make your maintenance monitoring easier, for free.