Everyone knows that a properly run preventive maintenance program can save your business significant expense on reactive repairs as the old saying goes ‘prevention is better than the cure’.

But to do so, it must also be properly controlled. 

Unsurprisingly, that is where checklists come in!

A preventive maintenance program along with associated regular inspections, service activities, and tests all require a lot of initial input and managing to ensure that they are carried out efficiently.

Once you have identified everything on site that is in need of routine preventive maintenance, you need to ensure that tasks are carried out in a safe professional environment and report on these measures.

So, what should you make sure you include every time?

Basic checklists may include just the following:

  • What is the Equipment?
  • When is inspection due date?
  • Has it been done?
  • Were any problems found?

That may be enough for most organizations as it takes into the equipment and then states when it was inspected (and inputted into your maintenance calendar, when it is due).

However, for larger organizations, there will be a number of sections that will be carried out by different teams and contractors with different skill sets such as:

  • Electrical systems
  • Building maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance

These have different requirements and even breaking a single checklist down into subsections will still create a long and confusing checklist. 

A better way of achieving compliance and working smarter is to have separate checklists for each of these areas, which focuses on the needs of those rather than encompassing everything in one document.

The requirements for each different section of your business may vary in a number of different ways, so creating checklists for each makes the most sense.

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