Array is proud to present to you our first ever Podcast.

We at Array feel it is time to up the game and move into the world Podcasts. Matt, CEO and founder here at Array is gifted with many contacts in the Technology world and is certainly fortunate enough that some of these contacts have agreed to give us an insight into their lives and working environment.

In this Podcast, Matt chats with Jim Hunter, Chief Scientist and Evangelist for Greenwave Systems, about the world of technology with automation today and ‘The Internet of Things’. Throughout they discuss how the technology of today not only enhances life but how it may be getting carried away.

“Kids nowadays are calling everything Alexa and expecting everything to respond to them"

Do you wonder where the world will be in 5, maybe 10 years time? Well, Jim will tell you.

Jim started off his career in the Military after his short-lived time in college after being ejected hacking. Jim served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer becoming Nuclear Certified Instructor where he was in command of the nuclear reactors. Jim has had an in interesting route to the top after his time in the military, Jim led Motorola Mobility’s architecture and strategy for driving the future of the smart, simple connected home and further to become founder and CEO of Premise Systems, the first IP-based connected home platform company, which was acquired by Motorola in 2003.

Jim currently works at Greenwave Systems and is responsible for oversight of technology, architecture, and innovation of the Axon Platform. Jim’s specialties include Software Architecture, User Interface Design and Development and Intellectual Property Development of the ‘Internet Of things’ he has been fortunate enough with inventing a number of patents across a broad spectrum including data algorithms, user interaction, contextual data and device management.

Throughout, Jim and Matt dive deep on how technology is intertwined with us in the world of today. Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Bots and even the future of Augmented Reality is all expanding dramatically and hopefully alongside us humans to enhance life. If you want to hear Jim’s insight into the world of tech today, then sit back and indulge listening to one of the thought leaders gazing into the future.


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