Array would like to welcome to Transform, Scott Klososky. Scott is a technology speaker whose job it is to know about the future and where technology is taking us.

Not only does Scott know the ins & outs of the tech world and what is to come, but can help your business/company evolve with the times, develop for the future! Scott spends many hours a week, days a year flying all over the world sharing his experiences and educating consumers of today on the technology of tomorrow. A technology speaker for the technology of the future.

educating consumers of today on the technology of tomorrow


Scott took an early interest in technology and how it can enhance and benefit human life on earth. He saw technology as a tool.

Today, technology as a tool sounds like a no-brainer but we go through our days with handheld computers (phones) but yet many of us still don’t understand how to utilise these features that it withholds. Scott wanted to learn these tools and understand how technology can work alongside humans as tools for everyday life. Scott has continued on the tech path for the last 30 years and doesn't seem it is letting up anytime soon! After all, you Could say technogoly is only just getting started.

Scott has progressed to develop numerous tech companies that he has built and sold but is still in ownership of at least 3, one being his newest venture, Future Point of View.

many of us still don’t understand how to utilise these features that it holds

Throughout the podcast, Matt and Scott discuss the use of data in today's world and how we have not yet quite realised how useful data can be, the growth of jobs in data as we are only just realising the potential of the data and how it can enhance our relationships with one another, recognise trends and even give insight deeper into how we can benefit a business and benefit ourselves at the same time, all in all, making data virtually invaluable.

Technology of the future will only help us build upon the use of data. For now, we do not fully understand the capability of technology around us and how to process and use this data collected to the best of our abilities. We are becoming better at it as technology develops but one of the scares and worries comes with AI and what it may be able to do for us in the future… But will it?

There is a danger that AI won't have the same level of discretion as humans in decisions. Collateral damage could be a lot higher until AI learn enough information about the choices they are making, but until then technology should be used as a tool to aid humans, not to take over.

Data is a powerful thing. If used to its full potential can provide a deep insight into what is hidden under the surface. Follow Matt and Scott as they discuss the past, present and future of data and how it can work alongside us so we can get smarter too.

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