In 2016 you will undoubtedly spend more time on your smartphone than on a laptop or desktop PC or Mac. This is perhaps not astounding news for you. But have you thought about this idea in terms of what it means for your business?

Below are six ways you can start raising your small-to-medium business mobile model:

•    Mobile search marketing: With more people and businesses using their smartphones over everything else to search for what they're looking for, it can make a significant difference to your search engine optimization to optimize your website and overall mobile content in order for it to appear higher in search rankings.

•    Responsive web design for mobile viewing: This is the initial web presence that your customers and clients will see you on. If your site doesn’t load and respond to the mobile screen and navigation, they’ll leave very fast.

•    Mobile adverts: Like your web design, be certain that all your mobile marketing adverts are easy-to-see and look just as persuasive on the smaller screen as they do on the bigger ones.

•    Mobile applications:  If you want to reach out with supplementary information, limited deals, and location-centric promotions, a mobile app may be the way forward. A business may gain an advantage from an app that aids and enables e-cash payments, customer service, or geographical information.

•    Mobile marketing automation: Also known as in-app marketing, this particular mobile optimization approach has delivered businesses with more user insights and engagement. You can create various types of campaigns, such as conversion, geographical or one-time and transactional campaigns with mobile marketing automation software that better targets your potential audience.

•    Location-specific mobile marketing:  Smartphones have now developed into our in-pocket map, personal computers, and all round everything book—a small to medium business can influence localization strategies in order to be found quicker by their target audience.

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