We have all had it right? The dreaded 360-degree review where a worker can expect to receive feedback from all perspectives.

Managers and direct colleagues will all contribute with their observations on a worker’s abilities, behavior, and impression on the rest of the department.

It’s a totally different way to method the conventional performance review, wherein the manager alone states how well the worker is doing their job.

360 feedback doesn’t really hold its emphasis on performance, but instead on all facets that can be recognized in an employee’s performance. In this way, it can benefit and help the person improve their interactions, their communication, and ultimately, their job performance.

Because it’s done namelessly, it can be a brilliant way to find out about your ‘blind spots’ without the extra strain to your professional relations.

This is the exact purpose of a 360 review: You discover things about yourself that would never have been revealed otherwise.

Why is 360 feedback essential?

360 Degree reviews can be an incredibly formidable instrument to assist employees’ development and growth – providing the reviews are constructive and workers are ready to take into account the feedback they receive.

When workers get an unedited anonymous interpretation of their actions and behavior, they can instantaneously see what others see and take steps to improve their strengths and build progress upon their weaknesses.

The effect of a 360 review can offer outstanding results for the team as a whole if the review is centered on facilitating team members along an ongoing path of personal growth that is supported by the organization’s objectives.

What type of review is 360 feedback suited to?

A 360-degree assessment must be anonymous, nevertheless it shouldn’t turn into an unprofessional criticism aimed at a colleague. Individuals handling the review must make it well-defined to all workers taking the survey that the ambition is to determine strengths in addition to weaknesses.

When should you use 360 reviews for your team?

Because 360 reviews center on behaviors, they can also be used broadly in order to encourage the kind of culture that the company requires.

It’s obvious, then, that first you need to in identify which behaviors are required within your company – because you will want to encourage them.

An additional central factor to choose when you are deciding whether to use a 360 review is that the worker in question has to believe in it. The worker being evaluated must be dedicated to using the results in a positive fashion and take the chance to grow as a professional.

How do I create a 360-degree feedback survey?

Undertaking a 360-degree review was formerly a multifaceted and costly method, many times encompassing outside consultants and lots of company time. But technology and online data collection services such as Array can make this previously-daunting task a stress-free undertaking.

With Array, you can simply build a 360 review in a matter of seconds and send it to your workers to complete without even leaving your chair. Once the reviews have been completed simply view them in the reports section of Array and look for common themes that a person may need to work on in the future.

Now, before you start, here are some important tips to take into account:

  • Ensure that it is confidential so people feel relaxed when they express their opinions
  • Make sure the bosses are committed to acting upon the outcomes
  • Provide clear instructions to ensure that the remarks stay constructive and helpful
  • Create a plan for a follow-up meeting after the results are reviewed in the Reports section of Array.

All of this together will make for a great 360 Degree review of an individual and help you set goals and achievements, maintain knowledge of capabilities and set manageable tasks relevant to that person's skills.

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