Just taking the time to be a bit more tech savvy can speed up existing processes and allow new, more flexible ways of working present themselves to you.
It’s time to ask yourself are you being tech savvy?

Are you of hunting through a room of endless frustrating file cabinets or plowing through an out-dated excel file in in order to update a customer address… or are you pulling customer’s records up instantaneously with a few clicks of the mouse? Are you taking cash payments and using a slow chip and pin machine with paper receipts… or are you using Array’s a Stripe Payment integration – which automatically sends the customer an electronic receipt and updates your reports, which you can view later, anytime, anywhere.

When comprehensive data solutions such as Array are used for repetitive operations, data entry, payments or collating information, mistakes are eliminated and the time it takes to complete the tasks are greatly reduced – leaving you more time to focus on the more important things in your business. What used to take hours can now be done instantly – it’s all about being tech savvy.

When you know what good smart tech can do for your business, odds are you'll want to implement tech solutions to make your team more efficient. Here are two great east steps on how you can become more tech savvy in your business.

Web Based Data Management Systems
Because of the 5G mobile nature of the modern world, it doesn’t make sense to keep paper calendars and hard-copy customer records in order to efficiently keep track of data. Cloud-based data management systems such as Array, can be simultaneously accessed by your team from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device – but don’t worry there are offline settings too for those without a stable internet connection. These data management systems not only save your business money but also save you time… and time is money… so really they save you lots of money.

Automate Tasks to Save Time
It’s time to reflect on how your business functions and establish which processes will function better with the utilization of great simple automated tech.  Step back for a second and think about how many conformation, thank you and booking emails you send – why not automate these emails to be sent after you receive these actions from your customers? The same goes for countless day-to-day tasks that could be easily automated at the click of a mouse… that was if you were being tech savvy.

Different types of tech can help your business amplify productivity and output, cut expenses and grow your profitability – but don't just use a piece of tech just for the sake of it – that’s not being tech savvy.

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