When you are at an event or capturing data on location with Array, one of the most common problems faced by your team will be your portable device's poor battery life. Smartphones and tablets with high-end hardware and large screen sizes will consume lots of power. At Array we want your tech to serve you well - so here are 5 key tips that will help you to extend your battery life while you are on location.

#1. Brightness Level
Screen Brightness is one of the biggest battery eaters. The larger the screen size the more power is needed to brighten all those pixels. Instead of setting your device to auto brightness or max brightness, set the brightness level to the lowest you can while still being able to see your display. The lower the brightness setting the more battery life your device will give you and this is one of the most noticeable changes. Also If you want a high-contrast data capture form in Array, you can change your form's theme.

#2. Portable charger / External Battery Pack
A Portable charger also known as a battery pack is useful to charge your device on the go. Portable chargers will allow you to charge your devices 3-5 times completely.

#3. Camera
Always avoid using flash on your phone when it is not required. Shooting a photo with flash on will eat a lot of battery. Keeping your camera flash on the auto option is the best possible option for battery life. On top of this, instead of reviewing each picture after they have been taken, wait until later - you will be able to view each picture in full resolution in the Array reports section.

#4. Kill/Uninstall Apps that Run in Background
Many applications that run in the background of your device kill your battery. One way to help improve battery life is to uninstall such apps, or another way is to use task manager to kill processes that run in the background.

#5. Connectivity
Always keep your mobile devices Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3G and NFC connectivity switched off when not needed, this will extend battery life, the device spends more power than you think looking to pair with devices or find Wi-Fi signals. With Array you need not worry about connecting to wifi with our offline app - as your captured data will sync to the cloud later after your campaign has finished - letting you save your battery for the task at hand.

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