Since it is a lot harder to gain new customers than to retain existing ones, it makes sense to use feedback to keep your customers happy. If your users become unsatisfied with your product or service, they may end up leaving to a competitor. Collecting, examining and utilizing online feedback guarantees that you can be flexible to meet your user's needs.

But, before you choose to collect customer feedback, you must first consider the parts of your user experience you want to develop, what you’ll do with the data once you collect it, and the channels that work best for your goals. There are a number of ways to gather customer feedback with Array and a few others, including:

Contact forms

By embedding a contact form on your site you are not only making a clear and easy method available for your users to contact you, but you are also giving them the freedom to raise any questions about the usability of your service. With Array forms, you can easily embed a form on your site with an automatically generated iFrame code. Your team won’t have to analyze the feedback right away, as you can view all your data later in Array reports.


Use an arrangement of short surveys, either embedding them on your website or send them out via email. You should try to avoid asking questions with partiality and biases, as this can lead to influenced answers. You may also want to segment your audience with demographic information to gather relevant data. With Array you can use field logic in your surveys to make conditional fields appear in order to gather relevant information for certain demographics.

Online reviews

It’s always a good idea to visit review sites to find out what people are saying about your business. Be sure to publicly address any negative comments right way to ensure your online reputation but mostly to develop your customer experience. You should also thank reviewers for their time and for their feedback, whether positive or negative.

Social listening

Social media is a huge place to get feedback from your customer and prospective customers or even fans of your business. Engage with customers on social media, listen to what they’re saying, and quickly reply to them. On top of this, with the Array share function, you can also quickly share Array forms across all of your social media accounts.

If users are happy with their experience with you, they’ll keep coming back, and they may even refer other potential customers to your company. In increasingly competitive markets, one of the only ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to make sure your customer experience is stellar.

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