Save The Planet With Array By Going Paperless

Papermaking uses an incredible amount of energy, chemicals and natural resources not to mention adds to your outgoing expenditures. Array is looking to change the status quo and create a cost-effective paperless revolution and we want you to join us.

Sure, most businesses are likely to pay their bills online and save a few documents into a hard-drive… but look around you… paper is everywhere. Using paper is wired into our nature so much so that we don’t even realize how much paper we’re using despite the cost to our wallets and the environment.

Analysts have been expecting the coming of the paperless revolution for a very long time - yet more paper is being produced than ever before. It’s time to join Array to digitize your paperwork and processes, capture business insights in real time, and grow your business.

Take Paperless Payments on the Go

Imagine taking a payment in-store or out on location for your item or service, yet instead of a paper receipt the receipt will be automatically sent as a PDF to the customer, along with the details of the transaction automatically being uploaded to a Array's Revenue report. You can later view all of the transactions along with all of your other data in Array’s Revenue Report.  You’re saving paper already - pretty good right?!

Offline Forms

Worried about your forms not working offline after you ditch your paper – don’t worry our iOS and Android apps allow you to share folders and forms with your team for offline collection — quickly and securely.  Any User with Operator permissions can download the free Array App onto a mobile device.

"Make paper ashamed it used to be part of your workflow"

Google Calendar Integration

Tired of having to schedule in your appointments in your paper calendar only to run out of space or misread someone else’s writing. When you use Array and your customer books a service it will automatically add it into your Google calendar, notify you of the appointment and send a confirmation to your customer.

Cut your outgoing expenditures, carbon footprint, and time-consuming processes and switch from Paper to Array today.

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