Turn Your Smartphone Into an NFC, QR Code, Barcode Reader with Array

How much stock does your business hold at any one time? How many different products, with different specs and different sizes do you have in stockrooms and warehouses? And how long would it take a member of your team to pull up those details ? 

With Array’s Scan App, you can turn every single smartphone into an NFC reader, allowing your team to instantly scan NFC tags, QR codes and barcodes with their iOS or Android device and display information in a fraction of a second. 

Imagine how much time you’d save. Imagine how much easier stocktaking, finding orders, or accessing specific forms would be when everyone has a powerful NFC scanner in the palm of their hands.


Scan Tags, Save Time

Array’s Scan App is already being used by businesses in the food, hospitality, retail and manufacturing industries. And when you consider just how powerful Scan App is, how much time it can save, it’s easy to see why.

NFC tags - which are now available from Amazon - can be programmed to contain any information you want (even Array Forms). Attach the tag to an item, and your teams can scan the tag in a split second pulling all the information they need ten times faster than typing a search query.

Program your NFC tags with Array Forms, contact information, WiFi details, and even links to documents or URLs to give your team members instant access to important information, without a single keystroke. 

Scan App can also be used to track stock and equipment. By adding a barcode, QR code or attaching a custom NFC tag to a particular item - for example a company laptop - you can instantly check who on your team has possession of it and when/where they picked it up - all by logging in to Array and checking the Scan App history.


Scan App in Action

While you need Array’s Scan App to program your NFC tags, any mobile device can read them, without the need for downloads. Here’s a real example from an Array user.

They’ve created custom NFC tags for each of their public restrooms, programmed with a form built by Array's form builder, and used the self-adhesive back to attach them to the mirrors. If a guest has an issue, they can tap the tag to instantly complete a cleanliness feedback form on their smartphone. Array then delivers this form to the facilities manager, who can set a task for custodial teams to get in there and solve the problems quickly and effectively. 


Buy Your NFC Tags Now

Scan App works with QR codes and barcodes, but many businesses need something a little more durable, a little more long-lasting. That’s why we’ve made our NFC tags available on Amazon.

Grab a pack of ten durable, PVC NFC tags with strong 3M adhesive backs, and you can use them anywhere thanks to their scratch and moisture resistant designs. They’ll store the data you program them with for ten years, meaning you can trust your tags to share the right information for a long, long time.

And if you want to make a bulk order, or have us create branded tags with your own color scheme and logo, we’ll be happy to help. All you need to do is get in touch with our experts.

Then, when they arrive, download the app to program them and get started.

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