Array makes sure your data is being stored and transferred in the most advanced and secure methods possible. We utilize 256-bit SSL, PGP email encryption software, password protection, data encryption, and CAPTCHA. Protecting your data and your reputation is our top priority.

But What is encryption?

Encryption blocks unsanctioned access to your data. In Array, this is done by 'scrambling' data into a lengthy code, which then makes the data unreadable for anybody else attempting to access it. Encryption codes use complex mathematical algorithms and long numerical sequences that are difficult to decrypt.

"Array uses 256-bit SSL, PGP email encryption software,"

When data is encrypted in Array, the only people that can decrypt the scrambled info back to a readable condition are authorized Array users. This is accomplished through a ‘keys’ function, which grants only Array users entry to alter the data to make it unreadable and then readable again. The transmitted data is unintelligible to users who have no access to your account because no one else has the key to decrypt the content other than you. This is often called ‘end-to-end encryption’.

Put more simply, imagine encryption to be like deciphering your data into a language only you understand, and more crucially which a cybercriminal can’t decipher.

Nevertheless, they’re many diverse kinds of encryption, each with varying levels of value. These are measured in “bits”. The higher the number of bits an encryption, the tougher it is for a hacker to break it.

Bits explained

A low-bit key is one with less patterns, so would be rather easygoing for a hacker to crack. The bigger the key, the more difficult this becomes. For example, a 10-bit key has a thousand combinations, a 20-bit key has a million combinations, a 30-bit key has a billion combinations. The more complex the encryption, the more difficult it becomes for a cyber criminal to reverse engineer the encryption key and access the data. So when you think about Array’ 256-bit SSL, PGP email encryption software, password protection, data encryption, and CAPTCHA… you know we’ve got your back.

What is A CAPTCHA program?

Array is a CAPTCHA program, which protects against bots by generating tests that humans can pass but computer programs cannot. It will randomly generate codes that bots cannot interpret or figure out.

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