Almost everything that happens throughout your working day is in some form of flow or workflow. These processes can be long and manual processes holding people up for minutes and sometimes hours.

Flows/Workflows relate to a magnitude of tasks involving people, teams or even suppliers/manufacturers but refining your workflows so they are efficient can be difficult. One way to refine is to automate these laborious processes. Automating these processes is becoming easier and easier with new tools on the market but that is where our Data Management Platform benefits you and keeps it all in one place.

Most CRM’s do not have the capability to automate processes and rely heavily on webhooks, API’s or external tools/add-ons. Array has eliminated the need for additional tools by enabling you to manage, automate and process Flows/Workflows directly via your Array Platform with flows that once set up, they are ongoing. It's that new kind of CRM, allowing you to not only collect and store but manage, intersect and handle the data you collect the way you want to easily.

ensure you get the most from the information you collect

Making sure your Database of information is accessible everyone can be a struggle in itself. Ensuring the data you collect is clear and concise and displayed neatly instantaneously is an impossible task to keep on top of when you have thousands of rows of data. What a Data Management Platform allows you to do is manage data by storing it relevant to the project, form, team or user that had contact with a particular submission. A DMP should follow some specific rules to ensure you get the most from the information you collect:

  • Easily accessible/easy to find data - all data should be clearly detailed and searchable by identifiable factors so teams/users don’t waste valuable time looking for it.
  • Easy to navigate the system - Enhancing your team capabilities of using multiple systems to get the most from their data and not slowing down the day to day processes. Flows has the best impact on these processes.
  • Integrated - Integrate your DMP with the systems that are already being used in your workplace allowing your DMP to connect with other platforms and read data.

Combining data with workflows you can provide a seamless and efficient office. Workflows not only help teams but can branch out to different departments/teams within the workplace or even suppliers.

Each workflow is bespoke to each company so Array allows complete control and can range from sending approving a submission to forwarding a chain of emails, sending notifications or setting reminders& booking appointments for team members.

forwarding a chain of emails, sending notifications or setting reminders & booking appointments for team members.

Workflows will not only enhance the teams experience but decrease downtime, in turn keeping projects on track and driving efficiency and all-round performance.

To give you an idea of some of the industries and Workflows that can be created to automate processes, Array has detailed a few below. These are just ideas and can be customised to your requirements.

  • On-boarding - Set up new suppliers/clients into your systems by completing information.
  • Project Management - Keep on top of projects & have checkpoints for managers/team leaders
  • Field Team Management - Manage teams, forms & submissions to specific department/teams.
  • Ordering/Dispatch - Log new orders and send dispatch requests. - Safety & Compliance
  • Keep track of important data and at what stage it has been completed.
  • Maintenance - Installations, Repairs, Property Management etc.
  • Work Orders - Contact forms, work request forms passed to specific departments.

These are just a few processes we can automate off the cuff but Array doesn’t stop there.

Our most recent integration development of Zapier has opened up a whole new world of opportunities allowing Array to trigger and feed data to other software in your arsenal. To find out more on Zapier and what it can do for your processes take a look at our Zapier support doc.

If you want to talk about some of the processes you have in place that you would like to automate, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss; we're always looking for a new challenge!

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