The Problem

There comes a point for every growing company where their existing system breaks. Storing files locally and sharing via email becomes inadequate for quickly sharing documents with new team members. Paper files get lost in the abyss of manilla envelopes. Manually entering data into spreadsheets feels cumbersome and time consuming… and it is!

An unshakable sense that you’re swimming in an invisible sea of missed data and insights starts to stress you out. There’s a sense you could drastically increase revenue if you could just make sense of all this information without spending hours working on an Excel file. Perhaps if you could alleviate some of this administrative burden you could afford to bring on a new employee, or even ramp up your own business development efforts.

Array is built to eliminate this anxiety. Small- and medium-size businesses alike are finding Array to be the perfect tool for digitizing their existing workflows.

Do It Yourself

Unlike larger platforms like Salesforce or Oracle on Demand, Array offers simplicity and a remarkably low learning curve. By pairing Array with the software you’re already using, you can reap all the same benefits as Salesforce without paying an outside consultant to manage the switch.

Once you create digital copies of your business forms, you can easily share them with your team members and save them online for easy access wherever you go. As you collect more and more form submissions, you can use our reports generator to easily manipulate your response data to shine light on the areas of your business you’ve always felt the biggest lack of clarity.

After connecting Array to apps like MailChimp, Evernote, Dropbox, or Base CRM, you can share the information from your forms without lifting a finger. Instead of trading business cards with a prospective client, have them fill out a lead capture form that automatically adds their information to Base CRM and adds them to your MailChimp mailing list. Establish relevant filters and schedule regular report exports to Evernote so your insights live with the rest of your work on a specific project. Save photos from site inspections and custom orders to Dropbox, along with the rest of your visual documentation.

Don’t get buried beneath an avalanche of paperwork. By automating your business processes, you can free yourself to start working on the business once again, not for the business.

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