Transport & Logistics

Time is money, right?

That’s not entirely true. Supply chains across America - across the whole world - operate on a just-in-time basis. So when it comes to the transport and logistics sector, time isn’t just money.

Time is everything.

Saving time with efficient processes, keeping deliveries safely on time with improved auditing and compliance, and finding ways to stop wasting time with instant, accurate data have never been more important to the logistics sector.

If you’re managing a fleet that operates across the state, the country, or even the world, you need to know what’s happening, when it’s happening.

You need Array.

Improve Auditing and Compliance

Logistics relies on keeping vehicles on the road. That means avoiding accidents that leave employees unable to work, vehicles unable to drive, and delivery schedules unable to be met.

Array’s digitized audit and logistic checks help you keep a smart audit trail across your whole fleet. Upload checklists to Array from your central office and Array’s app will distribute them to field workers across the globe. You’ll see that compliance checks have been completed and costly errors will be avoided.

Even better, you can make sure vehicle driver safety standards are always adhered to, making you a safe, reliable option for your customers and partners.

Get Accurate Data, Sooner

Array’s customised reports give you the logistics information you need instantly. From driver induction checks and vehicle checklists, to status updates, and even fuel and mileage logging, Array tracks everything and reports everything.

You’ll know the second “just in time” is at risk of becoming “just too late” and be positioned to make the changes and adjustments to keep the logistics chain running smoothly.

Lower Operations and Administrative Costs

We interviewed all of Array’s transport and logistics clients, and 63% of them reported that we’d helped them significantly lower their operations and administrative costs. They saved field worker hours too.

More efficient working methods mean you can run a leaner, more agile business, or that you can scale up operations without needing to hire more staff. If you’re looking to grow your transport business, Array will give you an edge over the competition, and drive sustainable growth without ramping up costs.

Efficient Logistics Couldn’t be Simpler.

What’s the use of greater efficiency and cost savings if they’re offset by spiralling training costs and onboarding requirements?

Training your workforce to use complex, difficult tools increases your costs and the time it takes to see benefits. Which is why we’ve made Array easy to use for everyone in your workforce. From administrators in head office through to drivers on the road, everyone can get up to speed with Array in minutes.

It won’t even cost you a single cent to discover the power of Array for yourself.

You can try Array for free for one of your compliance processes today. And if it makes your life easier, we’ll explain how you can think bigger and put Array into action across your whole transport and logistics operation.

See how Array can make your transport and logistics processes more efficient, for free