Are You Meeting Compliance with Driver Licence Checks?

Driving continues to be one of the most hazardous activities British employees can be expected to undertake for their employers.

Each year the UK has a high number of road fatalities, somewhere between five and six hundred each year involve people or vehicles in work-related crashes.

This is an alarming number and one that highlights the importance of checks to ensure the safe release of both vehicles and drivers.

Remarkably, some companies reportedly only run driver license checks once per year whilst many organizations still rely on employees to inform them of any changes in the meantime.

So, how often do you need to submit a driver’s license check in order to meet compliance?

Both the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) require checks to be run at least twice a year (every six months as a minimum.

However, a higher frequency is required for drivers working in high-risk environment.

This is the basic that is required although to be on the safe side the Traffic Commissioners’ advice is to undertake checks four times a year (every quarter).

Failure to do so can lead to serious problems for your logistics department and even criminal punishment if an accident occurs that is serious enough.

Following good practice is key to the safe release of vehicles and being able to present these checks quickly and easily to the correct auditors should have become standard operating procedure.

How do you log these checks?

This is where Array’s form templates come to the fore as they enable you to conduct these checks quickly and easily to ensure all of your drivers are compliant.

You can also automate reminders for when checks are due and when driver’s licenses are in need of renewal.

All data collected is stored in a safe environment and can be found quickly and reported on with bespoke reporting capabilities.

Our Array transportation abilities allow you to adapt your business processes in order to collect, analyze and work flexibly with our all in one place software.

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