A report from the Department for Transport estimates that the global market for low and zero emissions vehicles look likely to reach between £1 and 2 trillion per year by 2030.

That’s coming up pretty soon!!

Already, the number of zero-emissions vehicles in the UK is growing at a rapid rate, from only 3,500 newly registered cars in 2013 to over 63,000 in 2017 alone.

That number only looks set to keep on rising and it is not just consumer vehicles taking the move to low and zero emissions solutions.

Oh no……….

Businesses with their own fleets are taking the leap too, with more charging points being installed across the country proving the ever growing zero emissions industry.

With ‘going green becoming the norm’ the government has released its ‘Road to Zero’, a strategy plan recently published by the Department for Transport, outlines ambitions to place the UK front and centre in the race to design and manufacture zero-emissions vehicles.

Much of the plan hinges on grants and funding for low and zero emissions projects

Going Green is Key

Green fleets of low and zero emissions vehicles will become a reality for more and more businesses as the technology and infrastructure become more accessible.

For businesses looking at switching to low and zero emissions vehicles, there will inevitably be some challenges that require support – just like implementing any other change in a business. Concerns might include things like:

  • The initial cost of moving to a green fleet
  • Running out of change on the road
  • The potential for reduced payload capacity, due to the increased weight of alternative-fuel vehicles

The way vehicles are checked for safe release will be impacted dramatically but there is no need to worry about how that will affect your business.

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