The Video capture feature in Array is a useful addition to your businesses’ data collection process, here are some quick tips for you to follow to get even more out of your video data.

Array’s video capture feature is an excellent tool for recording interviews, vox pops, and your surroundings. However, when it comes to shooting a video on a mobile device there are a few things that can make or break the quality of your video. In this article, we will tell you what we think are the most important things to take into account when you are capturing video data on your mobile device. These tips can turn your videos into unrecognizable professional masterpieces… if done right.

Use a Mount
Using a quality mount is one of the most important things to do to quickly add a professional touch to your videos. Using a mount while video recording can offer great stability to your videos, removing that shaky home video look.

Camera mounts, especially smartphone mounts are relatively inexpensive, so for the reward you get for the price you pay, it may be worthwhile considering.

Capture your videos in Offline Mode
Video data can be enormous, and if that data is being uploaded via network data, you can kiss your mobile data limit goodbye. As a result, when you are capturing video data in your forms, you should aim to do it offline and upload or sync it later when you have a steady WIFI connection.

With Array you can switch to offline mode, which enables you to capture all of your data offline and then uploads once you gain a WIFI connection. This helps save both time and would-be bandwidth cost.

Record in landscape mode. Nothing ruins professional footage like having two black vertical bars along both sides of your video. To dodge this amateurish blunder, ensure you use landscape orientation and not portrait orientation while recording.

Landscape mode not only makes your video more visually pleasing, it'll also make it more pleasing to watch when watched on a widescreen or television.

Plan Your Filming
To get the best video results you should decide ahead of time where you’re filming your video. For instance, if you’re in a vehicle trying to capture data on billboards and advertising in the right of way, low traffic periods will make for more reliable, quality video.

You should aim to totally fill the frame with your focus. You can also put him, her or it marginally off-centre to generate a more visually attention-grabbing scene. If you think the way you have framed it looks good, it probably does, trust your instinct.

Nothing is shoddier than digital zoom (just being honest) - any professional photographer will tell you the same. Unfortunately, most smartphones have digital zooms, which merely make your subject seem closer but not without profuse amounts of pixelation and blurring.

To avoid this, in general, you should aim to get as close as you can to your subject, particularly for human subjects.

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