Populating a form can sometimes be a laborious process. This is especially the case when you’re faced with a ton of questions that have no relevance to the person the form relates to. It’s just a waste of time having to scroll through all of these superfluous questions until you get to some that actually need to be answered.

Imagine the scenario. You’re taking part in a promotional activity and you’re completing questionnaires with a customer. A large section of the form only relates to women and then a large section only relates to men. Because all of the questions are listed you have no option but to scroll through until you reach relevant sections. If every person working on the promotional activity has the same problem you can see the amount of time this wastes.

The answer from Array

There’s no reason for all this time to be wasted any longer. The Array system has been updated to include a new Logic feature. This feature is an integral part of form design. You have the ability to simply design a form so that it knows what question to produce next based on a current answer. This means that in the scenario mentioned earlier all that would be needed is a question asking “Are you male or female?” If the response was female the form would display the next relevant question, and vice versa.

This can apply to any filtering you want to apply so that your forms are completely smart. Not only does this make sure that time is spent wisely and productively it also means that data is captured in a streamlined and organised manner. By introducing the Logic feature, Array continues to make mobile data collection and distribution simple and effective.

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