All of us in the Array team know that you love it when we release brilliant new features. That's why we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Tables feature. Tables may not sound too new or exciting, but in Array forms, it opens up a new world of opportunities and means you now have a brand new way of capturing data at your fingertips.

"Collect analytical data, faster and easier"

Let us explain, tables can now be a great way to add clear concise surveys or add great shopping options within your forms. If you want part of your form to have multiple columns and rows, this can be done with Array tables. As a result, the new tables feature can make your data capture process even faster and more efficient.

With the tables feature, you can add tick-boxes, radio buttons and text fields into your tables. But coming in the next few weeks we will be introducing picture uploads and many more elements that will make data capturing with tables an even more brilliant way to automate your business and improve your workflow.

Let Your Users Add Rows

With tables, you can also give your users the opportunity to add their own rows to the form. This can be especially useful for audits or inspections where your users may need more table space to complete their tasks.

Add Some Logic

Adding logic to your table will enable you to dictate the conditions for the table to appear in your form. This option can be very useful for utilizing one form to be used for many purposes.

So next time you are creating a form in our form builder, increase your productivity and check out the tables feature. To learn how to implement tables in your next form check out our. Support Doc on Tables.

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