Yesterday we announced the launch of Array Market, a library of useful tools that make form creation quick, easy, and more powerful. Among these resources are our external integrations: power-ups that allow you to tap into your favorite apps from right within Array.

Today, we offer four integrations, with several more on the way. In this article, we’re going to take a look at those first four in greater detail.


The MailChimp integration automatically adds Array form responders to your marketing email lists. After connecting MailChimp, you can select relevant fields in Array — first name, last name, email, or company name — and specify which mailing list(s) the respondent should be added to. And the beauty is, MailChimp already detects when an email is added to a mailing list on its own, so there’s no worry about accidentally adding duplicates.

This integration can be especially powerful when embedded on a website. Label the form as an email signup just like any other, but while you’ve got their attention, why not also ask for some quick feedback on your website or product? MailChimp will automate the email signup, and your customer support team can take a look at the more qualitative data.

No matter how you use this integration, we recommend always being transparent about adding a user to a mailing list. You want to be clear with them, otherwise you may damage the relationship when they receive a message they weren’t expecting.

Google Drive

Our Google Drive integration focuses on spreadsheets. After indicating that you want to tie a field to Drive, you’ll be asked to select the relevant columns from within the spreadsheet you choose. The title of each column selected will then become their own standalone field in your Array form. As each form responder submits their data, the information will be shared with Drive and a new row will be added to the spreadsheet.

The opportunities here are endless. Whether using Drive as a makeshift client relations tracker, a calorie log, or a nightly inventory checklist, it’ll be easier and more structured to add the data through the sleek design of a Array form.

Google Calendar

Along with Drive, we also offer a connection with Google Calendar. This one’s pretty straightforward, but incredibly useful. Whenever adding a date or time field to a Array form, you can program the app to automatically add an event to your personal or business team’s calendar.

The integration works great as a hands-off alternative for office managers to allow employees to reserve conference calls or schedule meetings with one another. It also helps automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling consulting visits with a doctor or auto mechanic.

Base CRM

Finally, users can connect their accounts to Base CRM, a sales platform to manage your marketing funnel. With this integration, sales reps in the field can quickly capture a lead’s information while the relationship is still strong.

Conversely, users can make use of two-way data sharing to pull a lead’s information from Base into their Array form. This comes in handy at stakeholder dinners or marketing events, when you’re likely to lay host to attendees you already have a relationship with. Ask all attendees to sign-in using your form as they arrive. If they search their name and Base offers a match, then they can quickly enter the party. Otherwise, it’ll just take a moment to add them to your database — view it as a small cost of admission to your event!

Coming Soon

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing integrations with Salesforce, Dropbox, Constant Contact, and Sage, so keep checking back at the Array Market to utilize each service as they become available.

Array integrations are only available to Standard and Pro customers. To upgrade your account or learn more about the additional benefits, click here.


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