Throughout 2018, Array’s founder Matt Doyle will be a busy man as he fronts a series of Virgin StartUp Masterclasses.

The Pitch & present 101 and Marketing 101 talks are designed to help entrepreneurs gain the practical skills and tools they need to launch and grow their own awesome businesses.

Matt will be hosting sessions on both of the above topics using his expert knowledge having guided Array into the established, market-leading online form automation business it is today.

Each talk will give those present an opportunity to ask Matt any questions they have and dig deep into the related topics.

For a little taster of each presentation, here is what to expect from both the pitch and present and Marketing 101 events.

Pitch and present 101

The Pitch and present 101 is designed to help make you become a pitch pro and create a world-beating pitch-deck to ensure you maximise your content and delivery skills.

Pitching is a vital part of a business and Matt knows this well.

During the presentation you will be guided through: 

  • What a pitch deck really is and how it should look
  • The type of pitches and the best scenarios to use them for each one.
  • Slider design and ordering.
  • Metrics to present.
  • Presentation skills and techniques.

By the time you leave this engaging talk you will have further enhanced your skills and ability to pitch at the right time to the right people and take your business even further.

Tickets for the Pitch and present are just £35 and can be reserved HERE.

Marketing 101

Much like pitching, Marketing is one of the cornerstones that your business is built on and getting it wrong can be very expensive. However, get it right, and the rewards are huge and will enable you to forecast with increasing accuracy.

Matt will guide you through three elements of marketing:

  • Finding out about your business and your goals
  • We will then help define a strategy 
  • Then look at the content plan required to ensure you achieve said goals.

To get your tickets for the Marketing masterclass simply follow the link HERE.


Both talks are taking place on Wednesday 24th January at 66 Porchester Road, London, W2 6ET. If you cannot make these then fear not as throughout the year Matt will be carrying out these presentations.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will release the dates shortly but in the meantime if you can make these talks, we implore you to do so as your business will be the main beneficiary.

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