You can now receive your usual bookings, reservations and appointments for your services, along with a seamless payment for that service. All you have to do is drag and drop the Stripe Payment integration into your form.

Wait there's more! Our Stripe integration also partners up with Array's Product Boxes. This means you can sell multiple products in your Array forms while collecting that all important data! That's Right: Arrays Stripe integration means that you can sit back and let Array make one of the most stressful elements of running a business autonomous and stress-free. 

On top of that - Array's Stripe Integration Offers:

  • Multiple currencies to choose from
  • The option to add a transaction fee
  • An option to add a fixed or variable charge
  • A safe, secure, reliable payment processing system (PCI DSS)
  • Payments and transactions that appear in Array reports

​​A Match Made in Heaven
We chose to implement Stripe Payment as a Array integration due to its user-friendly air-tight payment method, not to mention their impeccable security standards (PCI DSS). We know that payments can come in huge flurries and can potentially overwhelm some payment systems. We wanted a payment integration that could handle high transaction inputs so if your business goes through a busy period, we won’t let you down.

"View your payments anytime, anywhere"

Analyze Your Payments in Array Reports
How you view your Stripe Payment transactions and trends in your reports is up to you. Along with all of your other captured data, you'll be able to view transactions  when you are on the go... at the end of each quarter... or even at the click of a mouse during presentations.

The Array revenue report feature becomes especially useful when tracking your busiest selling times. You can then use this information to gain insights, to plan or schedule certain product or service listings throughout your business calendar.

Come and Check It Out!
Stay alert! there are also many more App’s and integrations in the pipeline that we will be releasing in the near future to make your Array experience beyond seamless.

App integrations such as the Stripe integration are only available to Array Standard or Pro customers. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of upgrading your account!

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