Running a business can be hard and having to wear many different hats all at the same time can be tiresome and take time away from what matters most.

But what if you had some help? Someone to take some of the load of your plate, Oh, and someone who doesn't cost the Earth?

Well luckily for you, the Bots have landed.

Much like having your very own PA only without having to give away 4 weeks holiday!

What are Bots?

Bots (also known as a web robot) are a new form of automation allowing you to automate all sorts of processes within your business giving you the time to focus on the jobs that matter most.

For example……..

Have you ever had a time when you wished you had someone to tell you each time they put something on your calendar? or you wanted someone to remind you in 3 weeks to follow up with a client or sales lead… Bots can do this.

Bots take data collected and streamline processes by carrying out those mundane tasks in the background.

They can be programmed today for pretty much anything allowing them to perform tasks routinely without command and perform tasks over and over again, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Think of them as your little helper to help you streamline your business processes by taking over all the tasks you should do, but just can’t find the time.

Much like having your very own PA only without having to give away 4 weeks holiday!

Array Bots

Array has a range of bots in the background performing these tasks so we can take them out of your and your staff's hands and into those of the automated Bot.

Some of the most common bots we have almost daily contact with are chatbots, these are applied to a website and each time you enter the site they grab your attention and are there to answer any questions your customer may have.

Array is not a chat platform so these bots are not in line with the tasks we need it to perform so we have developed some of our own.

We have devised a number of routine ‘helpers’ that can be downloaded to your account and applied to a specific form to run routine tasks.

These tasks can range from sending automated reminder emails to a weekly digest of appointments from your team or just a reminder of an appointment you may have booked.

Putting bots in place of human tasks takes the expensive part of these tasks being performed but using the two together can be a powerful tool.

Sound good? If you would like to apply bots to your account to perform tasks you need completed, take a look at how they can be set up and work for you.

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