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The New Array User Interface - Why We Did It and What You Can Learn

If you’re an Array customer, you’re going to notice some changes soon. We’re updating our website, but we’ve also made massive changes to the Array user interface. Great changes.

We know that listening to us talk about our beautifully-designed new dashboards might not seem exciting. But believe us. We’re not writing this just to brag about how sleek, stylish and simple our new UI is.

No, you’ll see that for yourself when you log in to Array on any device.

Instead, we want to show you exactly why we’ve made changes - so you can learn how to improve your business’ UI, leading to happier customers, higher productivity, and better user experiences.

Listen to Feedback

OK. One brag. Our designers are great. They’re some of the best in the business. They’ve got brilliant ideas. And they know Array inside out.

But there’s a problem. They know Array inside out.

When you use something every day, you have a very different experience to someone using a platform for the first time. You already know where everything is and how everything works. It’s the curse of knowledge.

A brand new Array customer setting up their first form doesn’t know where everything is. They don’t know how everything works.

So instead of handing our designers a blank sheet of paper and saying “create a new UI for Array,” we handed them a list of comments from real Array users.

That means the Array UI and dashboards are based on what you think, not what we think.

It’s common sense. If you’re creating anything for users, you need to let those users lead. You need to listen to the feedback.

When you do, you give them exactly what they need.

Don’t Make Users Dig Around for Information

When most people interact with Array, they’re not diving into multiple, complicated data points. Most interactions are short and simple, with users looking for an overview of what’s going on right now.

So we created a dashboard that gives you that overview.

One of the first things you see when you head to your dashboard is a top-level view of everything Array is doing for you.

In just a couple of seconds, you’ll see the big picture. At a glance.

Sure, you can then dig in to find every tiny detail, but having that first holistic overview makes Array even more productive and efficient.

There’s a lesson in that. Don’t make users search for what they need to know. Show it to them quickly and clearly.

They’ll thank you for it.

Keep Clicks (and Taps) To a Minimum

Think of all the tools you use on a daily basis. Gmail? You can open and send a new email in a couple of clicks.

The news app on your cellphone? You can get the latest breaking news (or the result of last night’s game) in a couple of taps.

So why would anyone have a UI or dashboard where finding what you need takes six clicks, a scroll, and re-ordering two different lists?

Array users are busy ops managers and time-short field workers. Not Indiana Jones trying to solve a puzzle in some dusty old tomb.

When you use our new UI, you’ll notice that everything you need to know - even the deepest dives into your data - can be found with a couple of clicks or a tap or two.

That way, it’s faster than ever to increase productivity, manage processes, and handle incoming needs.

Reduce the amount of work your users need to do, and you’ll help them do even more work.

Be Intuitive

I guess everything we’ve said and done about our user interface and dashboards can be summed up in two words.

Be intuitive.

Whatever you’re doing, with your UI, with your processes, with your services, keep those two words at the center of everything you do.

Be intuitive.

Don’t be smart, don’t be clever, don’t be challenging.

Be intuitive.

Make everything so easy that your users can do what they need to do before they even have to think “how do I do this?”

Make everything that easy, that simple, that intuitive, and you’ll create something your users will love.

We have. And you can see it for yourself.

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