Identifying and Eliminating the Risk and Worry in your business before they occur with our Easy-To-Use Array Platform

  • Use a template or build your own more personalized safety inspection, incident or staff training forms to identify or stop the risk before they occur
  • Get real-time data to share with your team from out in the field using location, capture, and scanning on your forms
  • Easily add more form information or redesign or your forms in an instant if you need to edit anything currently out in the field

Dispatch your risk management forms daily to key members of your team or your whole corporation around the world in an instant using our Array platform

Manage your incoming risk confidently and avoid all the hassle work of paperwork attributed to risk management with our software that is designed to reduce risk and reap in the rewards that come with avoiding it

  • Reduce any need for paperwork with forms that can be sent and received via a mobile or desktop device
  • Ensure that all safety and health standards are being followed by your team
  • Prioritize risk reducing measures in your business with trouble free responsive safety checklist

Use the data stored and collected from your risk management reports to identify the expected likelihood of an incident occurring before they happen

Never make preventable mistakes and be left without the data you need again with our forms that give you feedback to correct risk. Obtain immediate alerts on failed safety checks or construction reports as soon as the information you need is obtained from your team no matter where they send it from. 

Threats are everywhere so Protect your Business with our Risk Management form templates to Stop them in their tracks

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Intelligent risk management reports

Act confidently and use our Array forms intelligent software to make data-driven decisions in your business. Do away with all the guesswork involved in these tremendous decisions and be confident you have software that can analyze and interpret the data you need instantly.

Smart automated workflows ensure all your forms data is dispatched and collected via the cloud or the office

Don't just manage the risk, avoid them as well with our smart workflows as they're just what you need to distribute and maintain the 1000's of irreplaceable sensitive documents related to the risk management world. Our smart workflows erase the pain of headaches for your admins as they save time and the hassle of organizing the paperwork and dealing with the obsolete software associated with it.

  • Reduce risk

    Reducing risk isn't always easy but we make it for you by helping you identify the risk areas of your business. Array helps you use the information obtained to create mitigation strategies so you're always prepared for every moment and not left without answers. Spot and stop the risk before they occur.

  • Manage confidently

    Never step into a meeting or relay key information without the confidence that you have the data you need again. Array gives you the ability to track and analyze all the information you need to ensure that not only the government's standards but your standards are being followed and risk is all but eliminated in your company.

  • Smart workflows

    Workflows should be nothing but the best and that's what we have with our Array platform. Our smart workflows give you and your team the ability to send forms at key times and days of the week, month, or even year so you have complete control of how and when your forms are sent. Set up automatic reminders when health or safety standards are failed so you know how to approach each risk correctly and confidently.

  • Eliminate excessive paperwork

    Nobody wants to deal with all the paperwork that comes with risk management as it not only consumes so much time but it also requires a fair amount of money to use all that paper. Paper is a thing of the past with our Array platform as you will not only get the results you need faster but you'll be saving a considerable amount of money in the process.

  • Up to minute analytics

    The moment forms are received, our analytics dashboard displays key information for you from anywhere in the world all on one screen. Erase the need to jump from screen to screen to find the information you need with our analytics dashboard.

  • Ensure safety and health standards

    Send and receive risk management forms daily with our Array platform to keep up with all the health and safety standards in your industry with smart workflows. Health and safety should never be a second thought for your business so take action to ensure standards are followed.

  • Offline access

    Never be stopped from working because of service issues. Our IOS and Android app can be still collect all the valuable data you need even when service issues come into play.

  • Mobile or desktop access

    Our platform is flexible that you can use it on any device. Whether you need to send and receive reports from out in the field or one of your facilities, you can get it all done quickly and easily with Array.

  • Drag and drop from builder

    Our easy-to-use drag and drop form builder is just what you and your team need if you want to get things done quickly and efficiently. Erase the need for multiple software when building any form your team with our Array platform.

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