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Zapier is an automation tool that will bolt onto existing software and perform day to day, repetitive, mundane tasks that are not worth the money being completed by a member of your team.

Understanding the basics of Zapier you will realize that there are Tasks, Triggers and Actions. Each task is considered to be a Zap that needs to be set-up and from that Zap there is an action that needs to be completed. Zaps can be completely custom and can have multiple processes to follow. Once set-up, there is no need for any more human input, and the actions will be performed automatically each time a form is submitted. As you discover more tasks that need to be completed you can just set up a new Zap.

Prebuilt Zapier Templates to Start Using Now:

If you would like to get started using Zapier, click the link here to locate to Array/Zapier setup

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Have a read of our Support Doc which explains how to set up Zapier with Array